Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Fun And Unique Announcements To Steal

Pregnancy announcement ideas is the topic! Pregnancy announcements can be fun and unique with some great pregnancy announcement ideas. Pregnancy announcement ideas are quite frankly amazing if done the right way.

Pregnancy announcement ideas are not a new trend. They’ve been present for quite some time, and with the popularization of the social media platforms, the pregnancy announcement ideas have become ubiquitous.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

For couples eager to start a family, there’s no news is more exhilarating than “I’m pregnant! And if you’re going to share the news of the pregnancy with the rest of the world, why not do it your way? We offer some of the best unique pregnancy announcement ideas, for you to try out. Just scroll down.

When to announce it?

When is it safe to announce a pregnancy? To figure that out, do a little math to pinpoint exactly your 14-week mark, which is when most women tell people, says David Garry, MD, director of maternal-fetal medicine at Stony Brook Medicine in Stony Brook, New York.

“Waiting till 20 weeks, or 4 to 5 months, is also popular,” he adds. “This gives you a chance to make sure that the ultrasound findings are normal and gender is confirmed.”

Why? Because the risk of miscarriage is high during the first trimester, you may want to wait a bit before telling even your inner circle, though your instinct is to immediately let them know once you know.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Keep these things in mind while announcing your pregnancy

• Don’t wait to tell your partner. Chances are, you found out together, but if not, you need to let your partner know pretty much right away. Your partner is going to want to know, and you’re going to want to make that as personal a tell as possible.

• Tell the people you’re closest to first. If the soon-to-be grandma or grandpa sees it on Facebook before you’ve made a phone call, they’ll feel undervalued. They shouldn’t have to find out with the masses, and they should expect nothing less than a phone call.

• Don’t tell if you’re not ready to tell. When acquaintances notice you haven’t been sipping your wine, they’ll try to get the info out of you. But don’t feel pressured to disclose if you’re not ready. If you find yourself stuck but don’t want to lie, just say to the asker. Let’s not jump to that conclusion.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The Mommy + Daddy
Pregnancy Announcement IdeasThere are plenty of cute or silly pregnancy announcement ideas, but Mommy + Daddy Announcements are probably one of the most famous out there. Just grab 2 T-Shirts, print the words „mommy“ and „daddy“ on them with the due day and that’s it. They’re a sure way to get a chuckle with an outpouring of well wishes.

Hand Heart Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Ah, the hands in the shape of the heart on the belly. Doesn’t get any more classic (or common) than this. It’s the easiest announcement and it doesn’t require any additional props.

One Plus Two Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
One plus one equals three? That doesn’t add up… Oh wait, I see what you’re doing here. It’s a simple math equation and it’s done with a great purpose. Announcing your bundle of joy.

The Coming Attraction

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
One of the most popular pregnancy announcements is a Coming Attraction Announcement. It’s sure to create a lot of excitement surrounding the “premiere” of your new baby.

Horror Movie Poster

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
A perfect pregnancy announcement idea for the couple that has darker tastes in movies. Just take a poster for any good slasher horror movie and make it adorable with your pregnancy announcement.

Include the Dogs!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
When your four-legged friend is an integral part of your family, it only makes sense to enlist their help for the addition of a new family member!

Include The Whole Family

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
These announcements are great for the family that already has at least one child. Sending out a photo of your first child wearing a shirt stating that they are the big sister/brother, or one explaining that your gang of “super heroes” will be gaining a new “sidekick” very soon is a great way to spread the excitement.

Superhero Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Oh snap! Big brother or sister are elevated to superhero status before baby comes. Dress the eldest child in a caped costume and you’ve got yourself a real superhero pregnancy announcement idea.

The Shoes Photo

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
This trend deserves a category of its own! Showcase the cutest pair of new infant booties, boots, or sneakers, and your friends and family may just break into a run from cute overload!

A Baby Changes Everything

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Life changes drastically when you become pregnant. Many couples choose to make their birth announcements by sending out photos of the different changes they’ve made. Examples include a photo of dad drinking as mom remains sober, or a photo of you surrounded by pregnancy craving foods such as ice cream and pickles. Hinting at the changes you’re making as a family in order to welcome your new addition is a fun way to break the news.

Junk Food Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Sit right before the fridge and gorge yourself on everything that’s in it. You cravings are important and should be on full display for your announcement. So take that jar of pickles and tub of ice scream and dig in. Oh and make one hell of an announcement.


Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Not only are you having a new baby, but you’ve found out you’re expecting twins! How awesome is that! Twins Announcements usually allude to the shock of expecting twins instead of just one new baby, and your friends and family are sure to join in on the fun.

Jerseys Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
For die-hard sports fans, announce your new pregnancy with photos of an infant-sized sports jersey of your favorite team, or with a photo at your favorite stadium. Sports announcements are a way to raise excitement with the most important team of all: your friends and family! Especially if you’re rooting for the same team!

Disney Announcements

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Is there anything cuter than a pregnancy announcement at Disney? Make sure to include your favorite Disney character (Mickey, Daffy Duck….) and you have yourself a real winner in the cute baby announcement.

Beach Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
It doesn’t matter if you live near the beach or you’re on your summer vacation. Use the scenic surroundings, beautiful sand and clear blue waters to make your pregnancy announcement. Oh and the sun is always good for you and your baby. So have at it!

The added bicycle

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
You and your partner love to ride bicycles? And pretty much everyone knows about your passion? Well, make sure to add another mini bike just for you baby. Put the mini bike in the middle of the photo and you’re pretty much done!

Announcement and due date on a bottle of champagne!

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Give your friends and family another reason to pop the champagne! Put the news of the pregnancy and the due date on the label of the champagne and that’s it. It’s a perfect gift before the actual gift arrives.

Harry Potter themed announcement

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
This one is for all the Harry Potter fans! As new parents soon learn, the Harry Potter series is full of inspiration for all things baby. When it comes to creative pregnancy announcements, this one’s utterly enchanting.

Write it on a chalkboard

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Chalkboards are old-school and classic. They are always a cute medium for your message if you have a pint-sized messenger on hand. This Mommy’s little helper is going to have her hands full soon!

Cakes and cupcakes

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Did I mention that you’re eating for two now? Well, use that common knowledge and put it on top of your vanilla cake or your sprinkles cupcakes! The added bonus about this announcement is the color of your fondant, ganache, and sprinkles. For a boy go with blue, and for a girl pink, red or violet. Or you know… You can go safe and chose white. It’s going to be delicious.

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