POST-COVID Concerts: How Presale Codes Could Affect Your Experience

A major sector making a radical return after the pandemic is the live entertainment industry. Live concerts and shows are making a huge comeback. A ridiculous number of artists and performers have recently announced concerts and tour dates. The live entertainment industry was one of the sectors hit hard by the pandemic. The unprecedented rise of Covid-19 cases brought the industry to its knees. Numerous concerts and live shows were canceled in the spring of 2020. That is in the past now, and the future once again shines bright. If you are a big fan of live shows like we are, you should most definitely get prepped for the rush. In some ways, the good old days are here again. That vibe you shared while listening to your favorite artists amid total strangers is coming back. Here’s how to get yourself ready for it with pre-sale codes.

The Flawless Experience Checklist:

Here is our checklist for having a flawlessly good time at a live concert. Expertly recommended by yours sincerely:

Asking yourself a few questions

You’ve got to ask yourself some personal questions. Yes, that sounds like something a therapist would say, but you do. Concerts are a big deal to us music lovers, and there are a few questions that come with going to one.

Think about it. Do you love the artist or performer? Is it a one-stop show or a tour? Do you have to wait till it gets to your state, or you’re going to travel? Are you going alone, with a partner or a group of friends?

All these are as important as the concert itself because the answers can considerably change your plans.

Safety precautions

After answering the questions above, another thing to consider is safety. The safety of you and the people going with you is paramount.

Make plans for even the worst-case scenarios as well as the best-case scenarios. It’s best to keep family and friends informed if you plan on going alone.

We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Though many concerts have requirements to help everyone stay safe, you should come prepared. We want to go out and have the time of our lives, but we should be aware of our safety and those around us.

Book a hotel ahead of time:

Finding a place to stay before or after a concert is a crucial factor you should plan out. A good concert experience can go to the gutters if the hotel experience afterward is terrible.

Therefore, it is best to keep those memories clean by planning ahead of time. That way, you are very much in control.

So, search for accommodation close to the venue and suitable for your needs before you make the journey. You can never go wrong when you plan

When getting tickets, presale codes are your best bet

This is one of the most important things to consider in our recipe. Frankly, it should have been placed before hotel booking, but forgive our oversight. If you were a regular concert-goer before Covid, you know about the ticket rush. When the concert is big enough, you can be sure tickets would be as hard to find as Bigfoot.

Well, tickets have been selling out even faster recently. Since the pandemic, people have grabbed any chance to leave their homes with both hands. The one way to skip all this rush is to get these tickets on presale. Yes, presale tickets are a much better bet than getting your tickets the conventional way. One of the most accessible places to get these codes is a presale website called

You know how the ticket prices increase as they get closer to the event date. You can skip all those too. You can kiss broker and marketplace fees goodbye. You get your tickets at the actual value before they are sold to the general public.

This site has presale codes for thousands of events in the United States and Canada. These include concerts, tours, sports events, and more. It uses a subscription-based membership to get you the codes. But you can rest easy; their fees won’t have you break the bank.

With just 6.95 monthly on, you’re golden. You will save a lot more than that from the broker fees that you don’t have to pay anymore. There’s no need to be apprehensive of the commitment because you can cancel your subscription at any time. They even offer refunds. Finally, the site has been operating for nearly two decades, so it isn’t going anywhere.

In Conclusion

Before going to live shows, the first thing to do is make a plan. It has always been that way, but it’s more crucial now. Plan out your concert experience with our expertly crafted checklist, and be sure to make the most of your event. Have a great time!

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