Planning A Party For The Kids? Here’s What You Need To Know

Planning a party can be fun but stressful at the same time because it entails time for the preparation. As parents, we all want to give our kids the best party that they will always look back through the years. It’s not an easy task, guaranteed, but by being prepared and organized, it will surely be a memorable event for them.

Here’s what you need to know to come up with a well-prepared party for your kids:

1. Decide On a Specific Budget.

Any party can only be realized with a specific budget. You have to decide how much the budget should be. It doesn’t have to be expensive to come up with a great party. The key is to make it a well-planned one.

2. Let your Child Become Part of the Planning Stage.

The celebrant, once they are of a proper age, should be involved with the preparation or at least with the major choices such as the theme and the activities for the party. This is their party and it’s just fair that they are involved, in one way or another.

3. Agree on a Location for the Party.

Parties for kids nowadays are usually held in function halls or in exclusive rooms of restaurants. Some still prefer to hold parties at home, which is also acceptable so long as there is ample space for the guests. Whether the party will be at home or at a venue, it should be agreed upon early on during the planning process. Also, decide on the specific date, time and length of the party since this information will be included in the invitation for the guests.

4. Decide on a Theme and Create Decorations with the Theme in Mind.

The theme is an essential part of the party planning since the decorations and even the attire of the celebrant and guests will take inspiration from it. According to the experts of Who Wants 2 Party, kids are usually obsessed with superheroes and have favorite Disney cartoon characters like Minnie Mouse. You can take a cue from it and of course, get your kids’ approval, too. These are just some of the popular party themes for children’s parties:

  • Superhero – Batman, Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman,

Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk. Wolverine

  • Disney    Frozen, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Pirates of the

Caribbean, Mickey and Minnie Mouse,  Finding Nemo

  • Nature-inspired    zoo, garden flowers, butterfly, rainbow art
  • Occupation-inspired – doctor, chef, fireman, sailor, teacher
  • Sports and hobbies-inspired – baseball, taekwondo, camping
  • Vintage and culture-inspired – vintage farm, pastel French,

Bollywood, Hawaiian, Moroccan

5. Agree with the Guest List and Send Invitations in Advance.

You should also involve your child when creating the guest list because it’s their party after all and naturally, they’ll want to have their friends and playmates over. You may also include your close relatives and selected friends on the guestlist depending on your budget. Invitations should be sent out between 2-3 weeks before the date of the party to make sure that the guests will have ample time to prepare and decide whether they’ll be able to attend or not.

6. Prepare a List of Activities as Well as Food, Drinks, and Entertainment.

Any kid’s party will never be complete without fun activities, food, and entertainment. Along with your child, create a list of activities like parlor games and also include party prizes. Based on your budget,  you may hire a magician or a clown to spice up the party and entertain the guests. Take special care in deciding on the food and drinks. Since it’s a kid’s party, food must be in small or bite-sized portions that kids can easily consume. Birthday parties aren’t complete without a birthday cake or cupcakes.

7. Designate a Photographer.

While it’s true that it’s now the digital era where photos and videos are easily viewable online via social media sites,  still, having your photographer to document the party is essential. You may assign a family member for this task or you may also hire a professional one if your budget allows. Having someone to take pictures throughout the party ensures that you’ll have printed mementos to look back on, in the years to come.

8. Don’t Forget the Souvenirs and Goodie Bags.

As a gesture of gratitude, goodie bags or souvenirs should be given to guests. This should be included in your checklist during the preparation for the party.  Some great souvenir ideas include the following:

  • Personalized printed chocolate candies
  • Character stuffed toys
  • Vegetable plushies
  • Name stickers
  • Personalized pillows
  • Mickey Mouse mugs

A kiddie party is always something to look forward to, thus, it should be well-thought-of. Having a detailed checklist is important and should be worked out around a defined budget. Most importantly, get your child involved in the preparation to keep them excited and engaged with the details.

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