Pet Accessories: Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

There is so little that a loving pet owner wouldn’t or buy for their pets. Yes, I’m the first to admit, when it comes to pets, dogs especially, I may lose any sense of measure or moderation. Though, don’t our dogs deserve all the love they can get? After all, they make us incredibly happy. Thus, we should make them feel good in return. Of course, dogs seem to be happy just because you are around them. Though, you can go the extra mile and buy some special pet accessories that will make them truly ecstatic! So, without further ado, here is the list of pet accessories every dog owner should consider. 

1.Waterproof dog shoes 

Winter is coming. I mean, at least it’s true for the regions with notable season differences. It’s already getting much colder. Some dogs do love seasonal changes and they may even enjoy the snow. Others, though, don’t want to step a paw in the wet, weird frozen water outside. For the latter type, there are waterproof dog shoes to make your dogs’ (and yours!) lives much easier. You won’t need to wash your dog’s paws after each walk. Here! It’s the second reason why your dog will be happy to have such shoes. 

2.A bandana

How could we make a dog’s accessories list without a bandana? Personally, it is my favorite of all time. Somehow, a bandana makes any dog look a hundred times cuter. I don’t know the magic behind it, but I do know that every dog owner definitely needs one for their pet. Oh, and do you know what’s even better than a regular bandana? A personalized bandana with your dog’s name! If that’s not a definition of adorable, I don’t know what is.  

3.An insulated dog vest

Once again, with the cold weather making its way back to our lives, we need to be extra protective of our dogs’ wellness. For all the small breeds, cold weather can be quite a challenge. An insulated vest can protect their chests from the cold. They often come in various bright pretty colors, so it also makes your dog super visible on the streets. A vest, unlike many other coats, is easy to put on. It is also less noticeable for a dog, so they don’t focus on how to take it off all the time. 

4.A portable paw washer

Here’s the whole essence of the technological advances we’ve achieved thus far! Fine, I may exaggerate a little, though, it is truly a remarkable invention. A portable paw washer is such a clever thing! Do you also have a lot of trouble with cleaning your dogs’ paws after a walk in rainy weather? My constant struggle used to be getting my dog in the bathroom before the entire house is covered in mud. Well, no more of that! You can take a portable paw washer with you when you go for a walk, you can leave it by your door, any time your dog is in a yard. You can use it before getting back to the car after a walk in the forest. They are super easy to use. You just get your dog’s paw into the thing and take it out! The rest is done by the washer. Your dog gets to avoid the super awkward and boring routine. You are saving lots of time and nerves. It’s a win-win situation. 

5.Aquapaw licking pad

If your dog is afraid of water, each shower is at risk. Often it ends in a disaster, where you both are soaking wet and none of you is really clean. You are covered in wet dogs’ hair and shampoo; so is your dog. Well, an aquapaw licking pad can help you out in this hard endeavor. You can stick the pad to the bathroom wall. Add some of your dog’s favorite treats on it. The shape of the pad made it quite hard for a dog to lick the whole thing at once. So it will keep your pet busy for a while. Use this time to give your dog a good wash. Once again, everybody’s happy here and no harm is done. 

6.Oral hygiene chews

So many dogs suffer from various dentistry problems. The truth is, that can be easily avoided as long as your dogs receive proper food and dental care. First, you can read some top rated dog foods reviews to see which dog food can also guarantee good dental care for your dog. Next, you can buy oral hygiene chews to help your dog avoid visiting the vet for regular teeth cleaning. 

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