Try Perfect Symmetry on Your Face and Get Amazed or Terrified of the Results

Have you ever wondered how would you look like if you were symmetrical?

You know, the left side to be exactly the same like your right side.

Don’t tell me that you are like that. Because you are not. If you want to prove that, this project will show you the differences.

It’s not just you. There are many people who think they have a perfectly symmetrical face.

No, don’t call them narcissists. It’s okay for someone to be in love with himself.

I don’t say there aren’t people like that. It’s not that often as some people think.

Faces look just perfect when you are looking in the mirror. They are so asymmetrical.

Alex John Beck is the man behind this project. He wanted to make something that will highlight people’s unnoticeable differences.


The project is called “Both Sides Of”. It’s very simple but productive.

You just need to take your own profile and produce two different images.

The image on the left should take the left side of the face and mirror it on the right side of the face.

The right image should do the same thing. Take the right side of your face and mirror it to the left side of the face.

Can you spot the difference?


The artist didn’t want to reveal the real pictures of these people. People these days can get strange when they have pictures like this.

The result is truly unbelievable. It reveals everything you need to know about your symmetry.

If you can do this, I would like to see the results in the comments section.

You will look like a completely different person. It’s amazing how different it can get.

Many people already tried this project. Some were amazed, others terrified.

At one point, a person felt really strange looking at the final product of her face. She even wanted Beck to take down the picture.

Even Beck admitted that this mirror experiment can cause fear in some people. He did it on himself and shortly after that he destroyed the pictures.

There is even a study that evaluated a project like this.

This is a very interesting project proving that both sides of a person’s face are not symmetrical.

However, beauty is important in our lives. We are all born with it and we have to work to maintain it.

Or to ruin it. It’s your choice.

Sometimes there is a beauty in symmetry. But most of the times people are beautiful like they are. Asymmetrical.

Don’t you think?

Try this with your friends. Some interesting results could come of it. But first, you need to share this and let them know.

Source: PositiveMed

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