Parking Near Miami Airport

Miami airport happens to be one of the busiest airports in the United states. Its recorded as the second busiest airport in terms of international travels, when it comes to overall rating, it is regarded as the 12th busiest airport in the state. Due to these facts most individuals find it difficult to get parking space. The following options available for MIA parking.

Valet Parking: If you have a flight from Miami international airport, and don’t have time to get to the parking lots in order not to miss your flight, then the valet is the best option for you. All you have to do is hand over your car keys and car to a valet and get a valet ticket and the valet would handle the parking for you. When you are back from your trip all you have to do is to inform the valet when you plan to return. Once you are back, the valet returns your car to you. You have to note that among all parking rates this is the most expensive.

Short-Term Parking: Mia parking, can be quite tedious. The short-term parking is best if you are picking someone from the Miami international airport, this is because the parking lots, is closer to the baggage claim area. This makes it for both the traveller and whoever came to pick him/her.

Long-Term Parking: This involves long term parking especially when the traveller would be out for couple of days or even a month. The long-term parking does not exceed 6o days.

Economy Parking This involves parking your car in a parking lot around Miami international airport, and take a shuttle to MIA. Mia parking can be quite tedious hence parking at a parking lot around the airport. Most of the parking lot provide shuttle that run around every 10-15 minutes within the hours of 6a.m to 11 pm. This is seen as the cheapest parking rates when it comes to MIA parking rates.

Parkos can help you get the best and cheapest parking rates when it comes to MIA parking. Parking rate is actually on the high side. If you are travelling from Miami international airport and need to get best rate, then can definitely help you get the best Miami airport parking rates for your car. Airport parking of vehicles when travelling can be stressful but Parkos has simplified it. Parkos is a comparison website that will give you a clear summary of all the different parking providers around Miami international airport at the most affordable parking rates. Once you have found the parking facility that suits your needs you can go ahead and make a reservation on our website. Rest assured that when you book through Parkos your spot will be reserved for you. With Parkos, airport parking is now much easier. Parkos seeks to provide a more transparent better accessible options to travellers when looking for airport parking. Also note that some of the parking lots are not located in the airport.

Park Sleep Fly: This type of parking is offered by hotels that are located around the Miami international Airport. It gives travellers the advantage of parking their cars at the hotel while they travel. Such travellers need to lodge in the hotel. The hotel shuttle drives the travellers to the airport or pick them from the airport depending on the traveller.

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