Pain Relief As Easy As Using A Pen

Pain relief is something that we all need. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find. Where to look, when to look, and how to get it can be a part of the grueling process. Some would even argue that the process is even part of the pain. Even when it is easy to find, it can be a multi-step process or, worse yet, a process that costs a lot and doesn’t even work thoroughly. Not only are we needing a process of pain relief that is quick and easy but we are needing a process that has evidence of working well. 

As you read on, you will discover a pain relief process that is as simple as using a pen. Not only is it simple and easy but it is effective and efficient. Whether you are on the go or at home and just needing quick relief, our rocket relief pen is for you.

Continue reading to learn about the pen that uses TENS technology but without the constant doctor visits. You’ll want to buy yours today, and fast! 


The purpose of the rocket pain relief pen is to assist those of us who live on the go; who need assistance with pain but do not have the time to try several different options. Mainly, the pen is something that we created so that our clients would be able to see the results in the process, not just at the end. 

The pen is purposeful in relieving pain that is associated with achy muscles. The muscles that are in your waist, your neck, your arms, your shoulder, and your legs are all muscles that are used the most. Because they are used the most, they are the ones that are needed the most attention. Being able to offer a product that releases the anxiety of annoying stick pads or plugs is important to us. 

Not only is it easy to use but it is fun to use! There is an adjustable aspect of the tool that allows the intensity of the pen to be in the hands of the user. The intensity adjustability has an LED display that is easy to read and, in turn, fun to read! 

How It Works

TENS Technology

The pain relief pen has multiple facets to it. Mainly, it uses TENS technology. This type of technology is used by doctors and physical therapists alike. The technology itself stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. This stimulus helps to release endorphins through your body that helps with reducing pain. It does this by blocking pain signals.  


Because it is in the shape of a pen, you are able to bring it and use it anywhere. It is a battery-operated tool which means that you do not have to worry about lugging around chords to have to plug in. 

In addition to the pen-like shape, it has the ability to change heads. When purchased, you will receive three different heads that are unique to what the situation needs. There is a head for large body areas, a head for single precision, and a head that is for a double head pulse. With these different heads, you are also able to change the intensity of the pulsation which best assists with the specific relief of pain. 

Because the pen is battery operated and, in turn, electronic, it is important to remember that there can be a shocking sensation as an initial part of the use of the pen. To avoid this, you will want to be sure to have your hands clean and dry. Any jewelry that is within the area of the use of the pen could certainly intensify a shock. It is best to keep jewelry off because of this. You will also want to keep your hands clean as a part of the pen’s need to ground itself to complete the circuit of electricity through your body. Any glove or hand covering would prevent the electronic shock.

While the pen has plenty of uses, there are certain devices that also use TENS electricity that you will want to be sure to not use alongside it: 

  • Defibrillator
  • Any life supporting medical device that uses electricity
  • Pacemaker 
  • Any implanted metallic or electronic device 

As you begin to use the pain relief pen, you will be able to see a change, a difference, and an overall encouraging experience! Try yours today, add to our reviews, and enjoy it!