How to Identify Pure CBD Oil

CBD oils come from hemp plants, which are grown in the USA and other countries. The plants have been used for thousands of years by humans to make medicine. However, anytime you buy CBD oil online or at any retail store, you must know what type of product you’re buying. Of course, you want pure … Read more

How to Properly Use CBD Muscle Balm

CBD has been widely used orally in recent years, but as more is found out about this special substance, it is being used in more and more products.  One of those products is CBD muscle balm. Whether your back hurts from a long day on the job or you’re sore from a recent sports event, … Read more

Can CBD Gummies Aid Your Mental Wellbeing?

Things You Should Know About CBD Gummies

With the fast pace of life that we have to cope with today, and the many stresses way face on a daily basis, it comes as little wonder that many of us end up compromising our mental wellbeing. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that so many people are looking for ways to aid their … Read more

CBD Nerds: The Best CBD Products

Best CBD Products

CBD—an abbreviation for cannabidiol—has become popular among those looking for natural ways to boost their health and wellness. A natural ingredient found in cannabis, CBD is medicinally used in many countries around the world for its various health benefits—it seems that they’re literally everywhere you look nowadays! While some products have helped people alleviate stress … Read more

How Does CBD Work for Cats?

Any pet owner is going to be keenly aware of their pet’s mood and behavior. With cats, it’s sometimes difficult to know what might be going on. They are resilient creatures, but just like any animal they can and do experience stress, anxiety, and depression. When gone untreated, this can lead to serious health concerns … Read more

Does CBD help your hormones?

I have compiled a list of tools that help with hormone support, mood stabilization, and overall energy so women can learn how to honor their four hormonal phases (aka their menstrual cycle), get their personal lives and wellness in order, and, in turn, reach their professional goals along the way.