Our Top Choice Unicorn Lunch Boxes & Unicorn Snack Boxes For Kids

Children of the 21st century have become very clever they want to have stylish and trendy lunch boxes and among all of them, Unicorn lunchbox is their favourite. It doesn’t matter whether the little one is going to school or for their tuitions, this type of lunch boxes always gives them a trendy look. As these days the options are vast and kids can choose from various boxes that are from insulated lunch bags to bento lunch boxes and many more.

1.) Vaya Tyffyn Unicorn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Bagmat-

Vaya Tyffyn 1000 ml Polished stainless-steel lunch box with BagMat – Unicorn is a double-walled stainless steel and vacuum insulated lunch box. It keeps the food fresh and warm for 4-6 hours. Vaya Tyffyn Unicorn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box not only keeps the food warm and fresh but also the food doesn’t need to be reheated or microwaved. This kind of unicorn tiffin box or snack box is available in different shapes and sizes.

The core material of this type of container is copper and polished steel and finishes with lids which are leak resistant.  The containers come in copper coated and polished steel finishes with leak-resistant lids. Vaya Tyffyn Unicorn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box is free from BPA and it is approved by the FDA. It is not toxic in nature thus is completely eco-friendly and safe.

2.) Bento Two – Unicorn-

This type of easy and clean unicorn lunch box is a child-friendly latch. The materials of the box are free from BPA and it is approved by the FDA and is durable in nature. The divider of the box is adjustable and removable and thus providing flexibility to the box to store fresh and hot foods.


This unicorn box is so fascinating that it makes the mealtime for kids far better than it was previously as it is a very stylish bento box. The box is extremely durable and cute. This type of box can be fit into any lunch bag and backpack and thus making the kid as well as the parents absolutely carefree to carry lunch to school. The box has a divider which is sliding to have storage of different foods and also it can be easily cleaned.

STEPHEN JOSEPH BENTO Boxes Unicorn box is sealed and is airtight. The fun unicorn designs will make lunch not only just look good but also will keep the food fresh and hot. This type of box is available for both the gender as thus making it gender-neutral.

4.) ONOTIC Trendy Latest Colorful Lid Unicorn Stainless Steel Lunch / Tiffin Box for Kids (Pink)-

In order to bring an extremely classy but a component with emotion to everyday life and that also which can be of the concept of the total experience of the user. This kind of box is a combination of carefully designed, innovative and high-quality products which are useful, smart and gives friendly services.

The ONOTIC Trendy Unicorn box has one main container and a rubberized bottom which gives a better grip. The box is absolutely safe and eco-friendly that is the materials are free from BPA and it is approved by the FDA. It is leak-resistant and non-toxic in nature.


The Unicorn lunch boxes and snack bags are the all-time favourites of the kids as it gives them the imaginative power to extend their vision beyond a strict boundary. The lunch kept inside is also served as hot and fresh and thus keeping the health of the kids sound.

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