Online Time Clock Software: A Necessity For Employers And A Lifeline for Employees

When talking about time tracking in the workplace, we often point out the benefits it can provide employers. It helps them remain compliant with state and federal labor laws, allows them to understand where their money is going, and provides them with a birds-eye view of how employees spend their time. Though, the reality is that team time tracking has a much larger impact on employees than previously thought.

As someone who works for a time clock vendor, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with employers and employees alike throughout the pandemic. I’ve witnessed first hand how much of an impact the pandemic has had on businesses and the sacrifices their workers have had to endure to make ends meet.

We’re now nearing 2021, and things aren’t looking much better. We have hope with the vaccine on the horizon, but even with vaccinations, it will take time for our economy to rebound. For now, businesses need to optimize their workflows and only invest in tools that they require, including an online time clock.

The time tracking process isn’t anything new; it has been around for decades. But how companies go about tracking employee time has drastically changed, and for the better. In short, exempt employee time tracking involves capturing employee work hours from start to finish. Employers then use this information to pay their workers what they’re owed based on agreed-upon wages.

Traditional forms of time tracking consisted of paper punch cards or spreadsheets where employees or supervisors would manually notate punch times. Manual time tracking is erroneous and not to mention time-consuming.

Modern online time clock software, on the other hand, provides employers with the flexibility to allow employees to punch time from any device or location with extreme accuracy. With more employees working from home than ever, remote time tracking capabilities are no longer a luxury but a requirement.

Here are some other ways that online time clock software has proven invaluable for employers and employees during the Covid crisis.

Offers Financial Security and Stability

With many families living paycheck to paycheck during the pandemic, it’s imperative that employees are paid the correct amount every single payday. Without this stability and financial security, workers can become stressed and quickly burnt out. Not only will this severely impact productivity and profits, but it can dampen employee morale. When every minute spent working can mean the difference between failure and success, you can’t afford to lose employees due to inaccurate pay.

With time clock software, you’re able to track employee work hours accurately. You can then use this information to determine how much they should be paid. Many time tracking solutions come equipped with payroll integrations, making processing paychecks even easier.

Tracks Emergency and Covid Time Off

Being able to track emergencies and covid time off has become a necessity. Many companies need to track this information for reporting purposes to ensure they receive proper funding from government agencies. It can be a cumbersome process to manually track this information, and not to mention it can lead to errors. 

Many time clock solutions come equipped with time off tracking capabilities. Employees can request emergency or Covid time off safely from any device and location. These requests can be routed to their manager for approval.  All time off information is stored within the clock in and out software, and management can run reports on this information when needed.

Promotes Health and Safety

One major issue businesses have run into is how to continue operating efficiently while still focusing on employee health and safety. They’ve had to re-organize offices to account for social distancing and supply workers with personal protective equipment. Not to mention having to re-work internal processes such as employee time tracking.

Luckily, modern time clock software has also evolved to help businesses ensure the well-being of their workers. Flexible account access options allow employees to punch time from nearly anywhere. Employees no longer have to worry about sharing devices and risk getting exposed to the virus since they can use their personal devices.

Employee online time clock software doesn’t just help your business remain labor law compliant – it provides you with an efficient way to track employee hours to ensure they get paid for their time worked. With so much uncertainty in the world, the least you can do for your employees is look out for their physical and financial well-being through the help of online timesheet software.

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