Online or In-Person Psychic Readings

When you decide that you want to talk with a psychic, there are different things that you need to consider.  One thing you need to consider is if you want to do an online meeting or if you want to do a face to face psychic consultant. 

There are different things that you need to think about and consider when you consult a psychic and there are different things that should guide your decision.  There are many pros and cons to each type of reading.

Online Reading

The pros to having an online psychic reading are that the psychic is always ready with fast response, that the psychic will not be changed by your body language, they charge less and only charge for how long you talk to them and it allows the person to be more relaxed and they can do it from their homes.

The cons of an online reading is that there is no physical connection and if the psychic is not authentic, he or she could keep you online longer so they can charge you more and you are missing out on the other tools such as candles burning or incense.

Face-to-Face Reading

The pros to a face-to-face reading is that you can have a strong psychic connection, they pay attention to the session because they don’t have to be pressured and they are more relaxing to talk to.

The cons of these readings are that you will have to wait for them to have a free slot, that you have to pay for the session upfront, there is a change of being scammed, it can be expensive and you have to be available when they are available for you.

Are You In a Hurry?

If you are in a hurry then you don’t have the option of waiting for a face-to-face, all the time.  You might want to wait until your personal psychic is ready but have the option of waiting for a face-to-face, all the time.  You might want to wait until your personal psychic is ready, but you might not want to wait and need answers right away.


If you have a busy life, then you might not be able to meet a psychic until the weekend, but some good psychics are always available online or on the phone.  These psychics will spend time with you on the phone and you won’t even have to travel and meet them.


Some people feel more comfortable meeting a psychic in person because they feel that they are more accurate.  Some feel that connecting with a psychic in person is important and if they can’t see them in person or if they cannot touch them then they are not real.

With personal appointment, your tone and how you change your body language can cause psychic readers to choose the answers that you want to hear.

Some psychics are fake, and they take your body language and they change what they are going to say to you.  If you have a real psychic, then they can know what is going on with you without seeing you in person.  If you get a distance reading, then they base your reading strictly on what the spirts tell them.


The price that you pay will be different between a personal reading and an online or call reading.  Some feel that the higher a psychic charge the more realistic they are and this is not true.

When you do an in-person meeting, you will have to pay upfront and this means you will have a full session, but it doesn’t mean it will be successful.  You have to cover the entire meeting even if you only need a quick message. 

Doing a telephone reading can be cheaper if you need a quick answer because you only have to pay the time, they stay on the phone with you.

Being Relaxed

If you get awkward easily then you might not want to do a face to face session.  Some people are more relaxed in their own environment and will take more time to be open and talk freely.  This is one great thing about doing one online or on the phone.

The psychic knows your environment and will be able to take your connection and make you have a clear understanding on what you need to know.


There is no real better answer rather you should use a phone psychic reading or a face to face reading, it just depends on what you want and what you like.

Figure out which is more comfortable to you and then decide what kind of reading makes you the happiest.

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