Online Dating Safety Tips You Should Know

It’s a fact—online dating is booming. Numerous singles are looking for love through online dating sites. Irrespective of your location, you can get your love and stay happy. However, there is a problem—there is a growing number of online dating scams. That’s why you should exercise extra caution. On those lines, here are the top online dating tips you should consider. They will help you stay safe when it comes to online dating.

Research More

Do your research. Before you meet someone, conduct a simple Google search. This will help you get a rough idea of your potential partner. Look for his/her pictures. Go through different social accounts. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can give you a clear picture of your potential partner.

Google Voice Number

Never use your personal number. Instead, get a Google-based number. With a free Google-based number, you won’t have any security or safety concerns. You won’t have to give your number. So, you can easily check all your calls, messages, as well as voicemails. The best part with Google numbers is that you have the power to block people you think are scammers. Your personal number should be a reserve for your confidants.

Video Chat before the Date

Don’t meet someone you don’t know. And one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with your partner is video chatting. You can use Google Hangouts, Skype, as well as Facebook video to video chat with your partner before the meeting. This will also help you understand the person you intend to meet with.

Chat Before the First Date

Before going for your first date, use your phone to reach out to your future partner. Phone calls will uncover verbal cues that are not clear during instant messaging and texts. Even more, calling allows you to feel your partner better prior to your first date.

Drive Yourself

According to, it’s important to take yourself to an open place to meet your potential partner. Don’t give in to the carpool invitation. Instead, consider driving yourself to the place. Alternatively, you can use public transport. Doing so gives you complete control over your situation. Avoid meeting in private areas.

Public Place Meetings Only

This is your first date, right? Well, anything can happen. To have better control over your situation, consider meeting up in public places. According to experts, new partners shouldn’t meet in private for the first few dates. Instead, they should meet up in restaurants, cafes, and skating rinks. This way, you will be more comfortable and confident to go about your date. Even more, you can allow one of your family members to be around or in the vicinity in case something wrong happens.

Tell Your Friend about the Date

It’s important to tell your friend about your potential date. In particular, inform him/her about the location of your date. You can also tell him/her when you are expected to return home. Letting others know about your date gives you the confidence you need to conduct a successful date. If things go wrong, you can count on them to save you.

No Too Much Information

Be economical with the information you give out—especially before the date. For instance, don’t tell your potential partner your favorite visiting places. Also, never share your current location, home address, and other personal details. This information can be used to hurt you. According to experts, get to know each other more before exchanging personal information.

Consider Carrying Some Pepper Spray

You never know what will happen. To be on the safer side, carry pepper spray. If things go terribly bad, you can use it to defend yourself. Learn how to use it. Hide it in the bag. Be ready for any eventuality. In a nutshell, you should be cautious and alert throughout the date.

Always Stay Sober

Never drink during your first date. Stay sober. Remember, your potential partner might not have the right intentions.  Remember, the internet has millions of people who are after love. Plus, there are thousands of dating sites online. Some of these people may not have the right intentions. That’s why you shouldn’t take chances with your safety. Stay away from drugs. They may interfere with your decision making process.

Be Smart                                                        

Be smart. Investigate more. Scammers don’t upload more photos on their Facebook and other social media accounts. They don’t have tags. Even more, they don’t usually include their family members and friends in their Facebook accounts. Thus, if a photo looks like it has been photo-shopped, stay away from it. It’s a red flag indicating that you are dealing with a scammer.

Meet Quickly

Don’t take so long to meet with your potential partner. Propose a meeting date. Let that date be as soon as possible. If your potential partner has nothing to hide, he/she will readily honor your date. However, if you are located miles away, consider meeting in Zoom or Skype. Raise red flags if your potential partner is hesitant to meet you.

Go Slow

Take your time. Don’t be in a rush to do things. Online crush (especially scammers) have premature love declarations. Avoid falling in love too fast. Meet first before falling in love. After all, you are looking for genuine love. Hurrying can lead you into problems.

Ask Many Questions

Ask all questions. It’s your right to know who you want to enter into a love relationship with. So, be proactive. Try establishing what he/she is looking for. You can also ask about age. Try to get as much information as possible. Questions will help you get all the information you need. It will make you safe, comfortable, and secure—especially during your first date.

The Bottom-Line

Of course, online dating is becoming more and more popular. It has given many singles opportunities to meet with their partners. However, you can be conned. There are many scammers waiting to prey on your thirst for love. You can avoid them. The above tips and tricks will boost your safety when looking for love online.

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