On The Road Again: Life After A Car Accident

Each year, 2.35 million Americans are injured in car accidents. Sometimes, the damage is long lasting, resulting in a disability or serious injury. While everyone knows what to do immediately after a car accident, those with serious trauma are often unsure about how to go on with life afterwards. If you find yourself injured after a car accident, take the following steps to ensure the well-being of you and your family.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After the accident scene has been cleared, it is your legal obligation to contact your insurance company. While insurance companies should reimburse you for lost property, they often make the process complicated. Be sure to take photos of the scene of the accident, injuries and damaged property for reference during the claims process. Should the resulting damage go beyond what insurance pays out, researching accident injury lawyers is the first step towards being properly compensated for your losses, whether they be physical or mental.

Cut Back On Expenses

Insurance companies and courts are not known for expeditious movements. When combined with wage losses from missing work due to injuries, you can be left in financial limbo. Should you find yourself in this situation, the first step is to cut back on expenses. Shopping at less expensive shops, switching to store brand foods, and picking up sale items can stretch shrinking funds. Shop second hand whenever possible. Taking the kids back to school shopping at a thrift store or sale rack can get them a fun mix of clothes at a fraction of retail prices, saving you money until your settlements clear.

Caring For Children

Children are sensitive to the struggles that their parents experience. Whether or not your children were involved in the accident, keep an open dialogue with them about their feelings during the recovery process. Seeing parents stressed about health and finances can have a lasting impact, and it’s important to take care of their mental health. Explain to them that being upset about the incident is a normal part of the healing process and nothing to be ashamed of. If your children appear distressed, consider taking them to a child psychologist. Speaking with a professional can help children process their feelings, particularly if they were in the accident themselves.

If your injuries make it difficult for you to care for your children, reach out to friends and neighbors. They may be able to assist you with childcare, whether it’s babysitting or taking them to soccer practice. It’s vital to keep a normal routine in the midst of the chaos so that their lives do not feel disrupted. Having help can make the recovery process go faster, as it allows you to take time for yourself.

Take Care Of Yourself

Parents often neglect themselves in order to care for their children. Whether it’s losing sleep when they’re infants or deferring self care, parents put their children’s needs above their own. Remember that taking care of yourself, particularly when recovering from an accident, is necessary for their health as well as your own. Do not skip doctor’s or physical therapy appointments, as they are crucial to making a full recovery. Work with your employer to take any time necessary, so that you are able to heal fully and return to work whole.

Car accidents are traumatizing, and the aftermath can be as well. When dealing with an injury after an accident, make sure to work with your insurance company, attorney and employer to keep your finances stable. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and neighbors for help with your children. Healing is mental as well as physical, so take time to care for yourself and your family, body and soul.

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