How to Use Your Old Windows: 12 DIY Projects for Your Home

It must be a special day for you.

The time for remodeling has come. All that old and outdated stuff are finally gone.

Wait. Don’t throw them away just yet.

I have plans for them.

With just a few hours of extra work, you can transform them in useful things for your home.

If you don’t want to use them, maybe some of your friends will.

But I know you will like what I’ve prepared for you.

If you don’t know what to do to fulfill the empty space in your backyard or rooms, this could give you a hint.

Seeing these DIY projects for old windows makes me do something for myself.

If I only knew these projects when I was replacing the windows of my house last year.

I could use a window or two if any of you can sell me one.

Here are a couple of ideas how you can use old windows.

Vintage Used Window


Tutorial via charming zebra

Wall Art


Tutorial via apartment therapy

Classic Clock


Tutorial via down to earth style

Jewellery Organiser 


Tutorial via

Old Windows Porch Dividers


Tutorial via apartment therapy

Fairy Garden for Your Kids


Tutorial via un skinny boppy

Hallway Storage


Tutorial via aimee-weaver.blogspot

DIY Spring Wreath


Tutorial via the sweet survival

Master Bedroom Makeover


Tutorial via down to earth style

Antique Window Tray


Tutorial via eclectically vintage

Chalkboard Calendar


Tutorial via thistle wood farms

Picture Frame


Tutorial via milk and honey interior design

What do you think?

Use paint and your imagination to transform the empty corner into a storage space.

If not maybe some of your friends will get interested in this. Share it with them!

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