Nursing And College As A Mother: Tips & Tricks To Get You Through The Journey

Nursing as a profession has been celebrated as the single best career for those who want to make a difference in the world.

Those who work as nurses are able to provide life-saving care, educate patients, and help them manage their health conditions.

Nurses are fully committed to their patient’s well-being and must always keep their needs first. They also have a deep understanding of human anatomy which means that they can pass on this knowledge to the patient’s family members should they wish.

Nurses are also incredibly knowledgeable about both medication and treatments so that they can carry out tasks with minimal supervision.

Benefits of Nursing, Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

First, the benefits of nursing are many. On a personal level, registered nurses can expect to make around $77,000 per year, with average overtime of $11,000 on top of that.

On an intangibles level, nurses can expect to have a lot of great life experiences. They work with patients every day, so they always get to interact with people who are different from them and focus on their unique needs.

Most people do not get the opportunity for these sorts of learning experiences in their daily life-making nursing highly fulfilling.

Nursing Career Paths, What Kind of Nurse Are You?

Ultimately, there is a lot of variation in the nursing career path. Nurses can expect to spend their time working with patients in a variety of different settings in a hospital, in a doctor’s surgery, or even out in the community, and some can even work autonomously as advanced nurse practitioners.

The difference between the different career paths comes down to specialization, and the most common ones include:

  • Medical Surgical Registered Nurse: focuses on acute care of adult patients in a hospital setting while providing basic and general healthcare information to a patient’s family as needed.
  • Pediatric Registered Nurse: specializes in working with people who are under the age of 19 and provides care that is geared toward their developmental needs.
  • Registered Nurse: operates in a variety of non-specialized fields, which means that they have to be able to work with any patient and have basic knowledge about all forms of healthcare treatment. This also has the largest job market, so this is a safe choice for someone just getting started.
  • Acute Care Nurse: specializes in working with patients who are on life support and require constant monitoring. They cannot leave their patient’s side for more than five minutes at a time, which makes this a stressful job choice.

How to Balance Jobs or School with Motherhood

If you are a mother who wants to make it in the nursing world, then you’ll need to find a way to balance your career while still keeping your children’s needs at the forefront of your life.

First, you should look into local daycare options. This can be your first step towards ensuring that your children are taken care of while you work.

Second, you should determine how much time you need to spend at work and how much time you want to spend with your children.

For example, if you know that you need to be at work for 40 hours a week but want to spend as much time as possible with your children, then look into jobs where there is an average of 10 hours per week of overtime.

This way, you will have the most amount of free time while still making enough money to support yourself and your family.

Third, set expectations with your colleagues. Many of them are likely mothers too, so they can understand the struggle of balancing home life and career goals.

How to Make Nursing College Work When You’re A Mom

To make nursing work when you’re a mom, there are a few things you can do. First, you’ll need to put time and effort into your schoolwork.

Ensure that you get good grades and go to class often. Give yourself enough credit to take extracurriculars while still maintaining a good GPA.

If possible, try to make sure that your extracurriculars don’t interfere with your schoolwork. There are many different kinds of extracurricular activities, and some will not interfere with your academics at all, while others may come between work and home life.

The second thing you need to do is create a study schedule. Make sure that you map out all of your assignments and work on them in a timely manner.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that school doesn’t interfere with your family life and vice versa. This will also help you to prioritize when multiple assignments are due at the same time.

Third, be sure to ask for help when needed. There are many online resources that will ensure that you do not fall behind in your classes. As a result, you will be able to take care of your children while also maintaining good grades in school.

Last, try to find a way to make extra money as well. You can work extra shifts at the hospital or even start a part-time job to make sure that you have enough money to pay your bills and support yourself and your family.

How To Balance Your Family And School As A Nursing Student

Having a family while you’re in nursing school, such as Wilkes University, is tough, but there are many things you can do to make it work. First, make sure you keep an open line of communication with your children and tell them any concerns you have.

This will ensure that their needs are at the forefront of your mind as well as help you with your home life at the same time.

Second, be sure to stay on top of your schoolwork. Try to avoid procrastinating so that your grades do not suffer.

If you need help from other students or friends, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when needed.

The Reality Of Being A Mom In Nursing School

If you are a mom who would like to pursue a nursing career, there are many things you should do to ensure that it will work for you. First, remember that nursing provides many benefits for your family and yourself.

Also, there is support at the college you attend if you need extra help. If you need some downtime in order to work at home, you should make sure that you have a good support network around you to help take care of the kids and look after the house so you can study.

Planning Ahead For Promotions

To make a nursing career work for you, you’ll need to develop a plan in advance. The first step is to decide if this is the field for you. Once you have decided that nursing would be a good fit for your family and yourself, then it’s time to proceed with the next step.

Ensure that you begin looking at many different programs and sources of information. This will help you determine which program is the most suitable for your needs, but it will also provide lots of insight as to other programs that may be available as well.

The third step is to plan. If you can, try to finalize your decision at least two years before you graduate so that you have enough time to prepare for your new job.

Once you are out of school, develop a plan to start your job search immediately so that you do not go without employment for months at a time.

Finally, remember that there will be difficult times during the first few years of your career. It is normal to experience ups and downs while adjusting to the new lifestyle but remember this is ultimately a choice that will provide many benefits and rewards in the long run.

Balancing Advanced Career Practice and Parenthood

When you decide to go into advanced practice nursing, the experience is full of benefits, but you also can implement these benefits in your parenting too. When your kids have needs, you can easily fulfill them.

Going back to work may seem almost impossible when your infant arrives but remember that you can still be successful in your career.

After the birth of your child, the first few days are going to be hard on both you and your partner. Therefore, it is important to discuss with your partner or spouse what duties will be divided.

Having a plan and sticking with it will keep things organized and help ease the stress that both people have during this time.

To balance advanced practice nursing while parenting, remember that you need to be flexible in order to succeed at work and at home. Know when it is okay for exceptions to occur, and make sure to use these instances as learning opportunities for yourself and for those around you.

Identifying Your Career Goals

The first step to balancing advanced practice nursing while parenting is identifying your career goals. You need to determine if you want to stay with advanced practice nursing or make a change. If you decide that you want to stay with advanced practice nursing, then you should decide on the field of nursing.

After choosing the field of nursing, it is time for the job search. The job search is going to be hard, do not fool yourself into believing that it will be easy. However, do not get discouraged if the first few months are difficult and you may have some setbacks in your career path, which can turn out for the better for everyone involved.

Once you have identified and chosen a career, the next step is to start. Start by doing a lot of research and asking your family for their advice and input. You do not have to decide but having this information will help you develop a plan in advance, which will help you balance advanced practice nursing and parenting.

The most important thing is to be flexible so that both advanced practice nursing and parenting can be worked into your daily routine. Be proud of what you do because it is one of the best professions around.

How to Balance Your New Career and Your Family as a Nurse

As a nurse, you will find that your career may change from time to time. In order to be successful in your career, it is important to maintain the skills and knowledge needed for success.

You will also need to know how to adjust your schedule when you have children. Below, we’ll discuss some of the things you should know about balancing your new career and your family as a nurse.

Children’s Careers Vs. Mom’s Career When Pregnancy Occurs

While pregnant, there are some changes in the body that may make it harder for you to do certain tasks at work. You may need to cut back on certain things at work or adjust your schedule.

It is important to be aware that some things are going to change during pregnancy, and you should plan accordingly. As a nurse, you can still perform the tasks at work, but some of the tasks may need to be cut back or even removed from your job description.


In the future, you may graduate from an advanced nursing program and then start a family. This will be hard to do while having your children. It is important to have a plan in advance that involves both projects that you can perform as a new nurse and your children.

Today, healthcare facilities are much more than just nursing buildings for delivering care to patients.

Many healthcare facilities today undergo renovations that change the layout of the building or even add new wings to accommodate specialized care such as physical rehabilitation, mental health services, and pediatric care.

Today, many hospitals have a range of healthcare professionals in addition to nurses. Advanced practice nurses work in roles that are critical to healthcare facility operations, such as nursing, patient safety, quality assurance, administrative management, and leadership.

If you are thinking about becoming an advanced practice nurse or if you already work as an advanced practice nurse, the following tips will help you balance your career and family life.