New Ways to Styling Your New House

It’s such a pivotal moment in life when you finally have a new home. There’s so much to be done and you get to do it all exactly the way you want. So much so, that you probably even consider not hiring an interior designer to take on this task. Crazy, right? Wrong. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking on the job of styling your new home yourself. All you need are a few guidelines and you’re good to go. This is why we’re going to provide you with new and innovative ways that will help you in the process of styling your new home.

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Plan & Think About The Basics

This is a given, and isn’t new, but is absolutely necessary. The only difference is, it doesn’t have to be set in stone. You can just have a rough idea about the color themes that you’d like to use in each room for example, and then work from there. Bring out the different colors that appeal to you and put them together to see if they work together. It’s important to have a base because you need to ensure that it doesn’t clash with anything that you could possibly get. So it’s smart to stick to the wall and floor colors that are more universal and go with as many colors as possible. 

Furniture And Accessories

Now that you’ve picked the base colors for your rooms, it’s time to go window shopping! Because you have the basics at the back of your head, you will have a clearer idea of what route to go down in terms of coordinating colors- other than that, you can actually have a lot of fun with this next step. When picking out furniture, try to think out of the box; you don’t necessarily need to go down the conventional route. Consider getting a massage chair to pamper yourself, for example. Varieties of options and comparison displayed at help to make the process a whole lot easier. You can see the specs of different kinds of chairs and the color options all in one place and this makes the decision making that much more convenient. This applies to all kinds of furniture as well, so go crazy with the research. 

Another thing you need to do is visit a couple of flea markets, antique and thrift shops because you’re bound to find all sorts and kinds of furniture and accessories that you can add to your home. Take pictures of the pieces you’re unsure of, and have the shop put the ones you’re sure of on hold so that you can make a decision later on after you’ve gotten everything together. By taking pictures, you’ll later be able to put all these items together on a board and visualize it in any given room to see it in the final setup will work or not.

It doesn’t hurt also to categorize, because there is a lot that goes into furniture and accessories. Divide both for each room and by doing so, you’ll have your thoughts and ideas in a much more organized manner when you’re done window shopping. 

Textures And Materials

The next aspect you need to focus on when you’re styling your home is thinking about the different textures and materials you’ll be using for pretty much every single item you’re going to add to each room. You have to think in 3D- this is how each room will be perceived upon entry, and it’s how people interact with the room as well. When you see or touch something, this affects how you see and feel about a room, so it is extremely important that you take it into consideration.

You need to be thinking about what kind of materials will be used on the furniture, and what the texture will feel and look like, and then you can start to build on that by adding layers of different materials and textures. This applies to pretty much everything. 

Outdoor Styling

No home is complete without adding a personal touch to your outdoor areas, whether it’s at the front or at the back of the house. The great thing about the outdoor areas is that the styling can be as unique as you would like it to be, and it doesn’t necessarily have to go with the interior of the household. Outdoor furniture and accessories is a completely different ball game, so make sure that you do your research and make the decisions about what you need to get built in before you start adding any furniture. These could include fire pits, fountains or bird feeders. 

Finishing Touches

The best way to bring your choices of styling altogether depends on small details such as lighting and placement. When you design and style a room, you can only really have it come together when it’s actually done. So while you’re making the placement of the furniture, and the accessories, keep natural lighting in mind for the daytime, and think about how you want to have your light fixtures done for when it’s night. Also consider how effective mirrors can be in manipulating light, and how different colors give the illusion of brightening a room. The wonderful thing about styling your home yourself is that you have the freedom to completely change things around, and add and remove things as you like without any issues or complaints.

The sense of freedom that comes along with styling your new home is an unequivocal feeling. Especially when you do it right, there’s nothing quite like it. All you need to do is have some ground rules in place so that it doesn’t become chaotic and overwhelming, and you’re bound to have an unforgettable and incredibly satisfying experience as you style your new home to make it 100% your own! Just remember not to get carried away and always plan before making any quick decisions, especially when it comes to buying things for the home, and you’re good to go. If you’d like to consult an interior designer for guidance you can do that too, but you’re also fully capable of doing this yourself. 

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