New Concept: A Child Daycare Within A Gym

News about parents who find it hard to stick to their workout regimen because they can’t leave their small kids at home is now slowly becoming a thing of the past. Why worry about baby sitting when you can bring your kids at the gym while their childcare staff take care of your tots? 

This may seem too good to be true, especially when being able to workout is viewed as a hypothetical thought for most parents who have little children. Fortunately, there are already gyms and fitness studios that also have day care centers on-site. Nurseries by Gymfinity Kids which have recently opened two nurseries inside their gym thinks it’s a good idea to start them young in learning about fitness and health. Gymfinity Kids is a recognised brand for their gyms which focuses on providing great exercise courses and classes, which are not only good for them but also packed with a lot of fun for children. 

This is such good news for parents knowing that they will no longer have difficulty squeezing in some time for a good workout. They can concentrate on their workout regimen because there will be somebody else who will take care of their children. But, the advantages of child daycare within a gym does not end there. Other advantages include the following:

Kids can enjoy the gym facilities and ninja classes.

Ninja classes can have multiple benefits for your child. These ninja classes also expose your child to activities such as learning to do flips and rolls that can help improve their ability to control their body. When children try to learn how to swing on rings and how to climb ropes their muscles will be strengthened. As they jump, run and hop on mats and kiddie blocks, their strength, balance, coordination and flexibility are also developed. 

Parents can work out while the kids are being looked after.

Once the children are safely placed in the daycare, parents can now proceed to working out in the gym. Gone are those days when you become worried when the babysitter calls in sick and you will have no choice but to cancel your gym time. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the kids suddenly interrupting your workout because you know they have been taken care of at the daycare center. 

Everything is safe and handled by professionals.

Being able to use the gym while your child is at the daycare center is one huge opportunity that parents should take advantage of. This would mean your gym membership fee gives you access to all the gym’s facilities and at the same time your children can also enjoy their ninja classes. Not to mention the added bonus of knowing that these courses and classes are all handled by professionals. 

Many people think that paying for gym memberships can be a frivolous expense. But, every cent you spend will surely be worth it if you factor in the opportunity to still stay fit and healthy as you enjoy your workout while your child also learns from their daycare classes. So, what are you waiting for? Look for the best child daycare near you that gives you access to gym facilities as well.

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