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Never Had a Skincare Routine? Here Are 4 Reasons to Start Now

Your skin requires plenty of TLC at any age, but if you are prone to experiencing breakouts as a teen, there’s no time like the present to launch an acne skin care regimen. You might wonder why you have to suffer through challenging blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples that seem to appear out of nowhere during early adolescence. On top of everything else going on during such crucial years of your life, you don’t need to worry about blemishes.

All the same, is true for adults heading into their 40s and 50s dealing with a combination of dry skin and acne, so you’re not alone as a teen dealing with this. Skin issues arise for people at all stages of life, so everyone needs to stay attentive to skincare at every age for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re 13 or 45, it’s never too soon or too late to start a healthy skincare routine.

If you need more reasons to convince you to start a skin health program now, here are four for you to consider.

1. A Good Skincare Regimen Gives You a Sense of Control

Like so many areas of life, some things happen regarding your skin that you can’t completely control. The important part is what you do in response. For instance, if your classmates are much taller than you, reaching your ideal height before you do, you might feel disappointed. What you do in response is eat healthy foods and exercise, and do the best with your progress as it comes. Similarly, if you experience oily skin or breakouts, developing a healthy regimen in response can at least help you feel as if you’re doing something positive for your skin and overall health. You might still experience some issues, but you’ll likely see some improvements and feel better in the meantime.

2. It’s Never Too Early to Develop Good Habits

Even if your skin is flawless as a teen, it’s never too soon to develop a good skin care regimen. Once you find what works for you—even if your regimen consists only of a good cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen—keep at it for as long as it works effectively. However, feel free to make and embrace product changes if your skin becomes resistant to certain treatments and needs more reinforcements.

3. Some Skin Conditions Won’t Disappear In Time or With Age

Some skin conditions require more work because they aren’t going anywhere without some work on your part. Rashes and skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis will need proactive and consistent care. Once you have a diagnosis, keep at your treatment routine.

4. The Spotless Regimen Is An Effective Acne Treatment for Teens

There are some acne products for teens with proven effectiveness that you can trust. The Rodan + Fields Spotless Regimen is one of those treatments. The 2019 PR Newswire press release for the Spotless Regimen shared that “Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, who transformed at-home solutions for millions with their first acne success, are leveraging their 25-plus years of experience to revolutionize the category once again.” When using this regimen as directed, including using the acne face wash and other components and sunscreen twice daily, you’ll see noticeable results for your mild to moderate acne.

It’s Time to Start Your Healthy Skincare Regimen

Now that you have some good reasons to start your skincare regimen, it’s time to get moving to take control of your skincare and take care of issues that won’t disappear on their own. Good luck!


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