Negotiate The Health Related Bills To Avoid Falling Right Into Debt

It is not that hard to state that Americans are going bankrupted from just getting sick. It is true to state that the doctor’s bills are playing the role in around 60% of the personal based bankruptcy files. It is not that hard to state that Medical debt has become a unique growing phenomenon among Americans. It is a burden that has already proven to be quite unfathomable in so many other developed countries.

There have been multiple surveys, as published and those results stated that around 60% of the people filing for bankruptcy are victims of high end medical expenses. They are the one contributing to the area of bankruptcy. If you check about it, this percentage I more than what has been cited as student loans or home foreclosures. The survey respondents were given the chance to choose various factors contributing to bankruptcy but most of them prefer marking medical expense to be the main reason behind it.

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More about the finding:

This finding was mainly the latest in the longer string of the statistics, which will be suggesting that most of the Americans might face major health scares with significant financial setbacks later.

  • A recent 2016 study found out that around one third of the cancer survivors might had gone right into debt as result of their present medical expenses and 3% has filed for bankruptcy.
  • As per the Consumer financial Protection Bureau based study from 2014, medical bills happen to be the major cause of the unpaid bills, as sent to the current collection agencies.
  • Around fifth of the Americans to this day, are known to have medical claim on credit report and the same said proportion will have a medical bill based overdue in the market.

Such growing medical debt related crises is now something quite common among the masses and there are so many instances when people do nothing about it. Even when they have insurance files under their names, still they have nothing to do in this regard as the insurance plans won’t be able to cover it all.

Reasons for the medical debt based crises:

There are multiple reasons for the medical debt based crises with multiple diagnostic codes, ruling the current medical billing world. In multiple interviews, various consumer advocates have mentioned that they are concerned with the problem getting worse with time as the uninsured rate happens to hike up.

  • More and more people, to this day, are signing up with the cheaper and skimpier health based insurance plans as introduced by that of the Trump administration.
  • Most Americans are also getting associated with the higher deductible health plans, which will require the patients to be paying around thousands before even the insurance can kick right in.
  • The doctor based networks are now growing narrower and more providers are here now to provide you with the network of your choice.
  • Some of the planned surgical procedures and emergency room visits are common causes behind larger medical bills that patients cannot afford to pay.
  • Most of the time, the hospitals might get covered by the insurance network of the person but even the individual doctors working there along with the ambulance companies might not fall within the coverage service. This situation gives rise to something called balanced billing.
  • There are some times when the bizarre loopholes can kick in at darkest possible moments. For example, baby might get covered upon birth under the Children’s Health care Insurance program or Medicaid, but sometimes, stillbirth might not get covered.

In some states over here:

In some of the states, hospitals are asked to provide charity care to some of the uninsured and lower income patients, but there are various advocacy groups which suggest that patients might get regular bills instead. There have been multiple hospitals, which are sending debtors to debt collections without mentioning anything to the collectors about the charity care.

The main purpose of the debt collectors are trying to collect these debts without even making the charity care quite available. The patients might get sued and get a judgment entered right against them, and without ever having just heard of that charity care at all.

Some statements with the real deal:

In certain statements, the spokesperson of the hospitals were heard saying that in the year 2017, hospitals were known to provide over $38 Billion of care to the patients, who fail to afford the services otherwise. Hospitals, all across the country, were striving to find some ways to help uninsured and underinsured patients to navigate through the health system.

  • Some of the hospitals are offering charity care programs. So, you can check out the public assistance to learn if the patient is qualified for the service and offer some discounts to the said patients, whenever it becomes possible.
  • On a daily basis, the American hospitals are treating patients who can make only a minimal payment or without any payment at all.
  • Still, there are some patients who might wind up with the medical debt. It can always discourage them from getting any medical care as they will fear that they might incur or add some more debt if they ever get to visit the doctor all over again.
  • The debt can sometimes worsen the current credit score of the patients, which will make it harder for them to just live healthier lives. So, as a result in the end, they fall sick and risk plunging more into the debt for sure.

Debt consolidation, settlement and taking care of the insurance programs are some of the ways in which you can keep medical debt at bay and not destroy your lives. If you are willing to get hold of such help, logging online can be a brilliant touch to it.

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