Need To Choose The Right Running Shoes For You? This Is For You!

“Not every shoe fits”

The above is a popular saying and it can take a more literal adaptation when it comes to running shoes. There are a host of running shoes in the market but not all running shoes are meant for you. You need to know and go for those running shoes that are your perfect fit. No matter the peculiarity of your running gait, foot type, or stature, among other things, be assured that there is always a shoe for you, and staff at Australian Asics stores are trained to help you better understand your journey. With the right guidance choosing a perfect running shoe doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think it is. Asics shoes for sale are up for grabs.

Here are important things to note.

What kind of surface will you be making use of?

This is an especially important consideration as the surface you will be running on goes a long way in determining what type of running shoes are suitable for you. If you will mostly make use of pavements, then road shoes are perfect for you. They provide more cushioning effects than trial and lightweight race shoes and they provide adequate shock absorption to reduce the risk of getting injured.

For those, whose routes entail soft and muddy trails, trail shoes are the best pick. They are vital for running on uneven terrain. On pavement, however, these shoes will be uncomfortable as the studs will press into the soles of your feet, and will wear away quickly.

If you will be doing a little of both (pavement running and trail running), hybrid shoes are your best pick.

Gait analysis is essential

Gait analysis is pretty important as it helps you know what type of pronation you possess. Pronation is basically the extent to which your foot naturally rolls inward when you run – and where your foot strikes the ground. Most stores that sell running shoes conduct this analysis and suggest running shoes based on the result of the analysis.

Do you wear insoles?

If you already wear insoles, make sure to always include them into your fitting as they can change the fit and feel of the footwear. If you are in the category of people who have never used insoles, you might want to reconsider at this moment. You can find great comfortable insoles online to give your body the support it needs. Insoles ensure that your shoes fit excellently well, and they also help provide additional comfort in the heel, arch, and across the ball of your foot. By offering all these benefits, insoles provide the additional benefits of dealing with problems like slipping, blisters, hot spots, and shin splints.

Socks can make the difference!

It may sound silly, but the thickness of your sock can change the entire fit and feel of your shoe, especially as your feet expand as a result of the heat. Always wear the socks you intend to run in when you go for a shoe fitting. This helps to ensure that you go for the shoe size that perfectly fits your running style.

Consider good, technical running socks specifically designed with added arch support and extra padding across the ball of the foot, toes, and heel for better impact protection.

Cotton socks might be comfortable, but they are not the best when it comes to running. Cotton retains moisture and this means that it adds to the heat and friction from running. Consequently to, you can be affected by blisters, calluses, and hot spots. 

Does brand really matter?

Bear in mind that your choice of running shoes should always be influenced by function, not fashion; they should always be about utility and not aesthetics. Don’t be carried away by the latest trends or brands just because they are prevalent in a particular season. In the end, what counts is the effectiveness of running shoes and not their popularity. Although there are great options to be found in AU Asics stores, don’t be afraid to shop around.

Brand actually matters, but matters to the end that but only to ensure you get your comfort, your functionality, your fit, and your utility.

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Photo by Kristian Egelund on Unsplash