Natural Bodybuilding: How To Get Better Results?

Get big without using? Man, is that even possible? We’ve been around in the gyms long enough to know how it works. Surely, using steroids or any other similar pharmaceuticals will get you the results you want, fast, but that’s not the only way to get big. In fact, going all natural will give you even better results. It will also save you from all of the dangerous side effects.

Does this sound like a peachy talk from a righteous person who doesn’t know how the world really works? It’s sad that the most common belief is that using is the only way to go. But we’re here to tell you every reason why it’s not the only, neither is it the best, way to go!

What Makes Bodybuilding Natural?

Going natural means avoiding any kind of pharmaceuticals. We all know the huge red cross hovering over steroids, but many bodybuilders have found a work around. Whether it’s growth hormone, insulin, beta-blockers, or any other kind of pharmaceutical, they all fall under the same category for us: Unnatural.

Natural bodybuilding means building muscles without using and drugs at all. The truth about natural bodybuilding is that while it takes much more time, patience, and perseverance, it will do you wonders while keeping your health completely intact. You won’t have to struggle with baldness, severe acne, shrunk testicles/enlarged privates, hormonal disturbances, or mood swings.

But here’s the catch: It needs serious work.

How to Get Better Results the Natural Way

The most important thing in bulking up naturally is to have a plan. Just going to the gym and hitting up the machines won’t get you far, if it does anything at all. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind, whatever the plan you’ll be following:

1. How do you lift?

First things first, never give up proper form for any extra reps. Next comes the way you lift over time. If your program doesn’t allow you to progressively increase the weights you’re able to lift, you need to seriously consider a change in program. The best way to start is always through doing more compound movements than isolation exercises, that way you can lift heavier and work more muscles at the same time.

2. How do you rest?

It’s important to give your muscles the rest they need before working them again. In most cases, this means a 48-hour rest before training the same muscle group again. It doesn’t mean to take a two-day break, you can workout on consecutive days but for different groups.

3. Are you following a nutrition plan? What about supplements?

Working out might feel like the real deal, but half of the equation depends on your nutritional habits and how you supplement your body. You need to make sure you give your body enough amino acids to build more muscles after exercise, otherwise, you’ll be using up your current muscles for fuel.

4. Cardio vs. HIIT for getting ripped.

You’ve heard many people talking about steering clear of cardio, but that’s only half the truth. While long, intense sessions of cardio training right before a competition will affect your muscle mass negatively, being consistent on HIIT, especially in the off-season, will get you ripped. It will also increase your fitness level so you’ll be able to train and recover much better.

5. Keep a lookout for the plateau.

If you’ve been following a program that stopped giving you results for two weeks straight, this means you’ve reached a plateau. It’s time to upgrade something, whether it’s the weight intensity, the exercises, the technique, or the whole program altogether.

At the end, it’s all about figuring out a plan that works for you and being consistent with it. Natural bodybuilding has gotten a bad reputation because at the first look, it doesn’t look like it’s giving any results. That might be true compared to the results you’ll gain while using, but on the long run, there’s a world of difference between the two ways. Going natural is the best way you can stay healthy, motivated, clean, and get big at the same time.

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