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Today, companies’ employees are aware of the importance of managing their work profile due to lots of reasons. There are a huge number of online services created for such activities. Today you will get interesting details associated with the platform called “MyContiBenefits” and its main usage principles.

This platform allows registered employees to apply for both current and future benefits associated with their work. Thus, any company member can select any desired rewards, salary options, and offered allowances via the Internet. Thus, you will not be obliged to face with HR department services and wait until its members will help you.

It is also used to obtain information on annual income, past payments, number of accrued bonuses, etc.

All The Steps Required For MyContiBenefits Login Process

As it was mentioned, only registered users are eligible to use the platform. Open a website located at Create a personal account in case you have not done it yet – the Register link is located on a login table.

You will be asked to create special login credentials to access included system tools and enroll as a future consumer of potential benefits. Fill in the Company Key, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth fields to enter the platform (do not tell such details to the third parties to keep privacy). Then you need to create a unique Username and Password:

  • A username should consist of at least 6 letters of the Latin alphabet (max 50 characters).
  • Password must also contain at least one uppercase letter and be at least 8 characters long

** Repeating the same characters in a row is not allowed.

The MyContiBenefits login procedure is quite similar, as you will be requested to provide login details in the appropriate fields.

** It is advised not to save such details and use an auto-enter as your browser storage can be easily hacked by middle-skilled fraud.

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