My Dream Destination Morocco

Morocco is a place where you’re drawn in. From the lively, heady markets to the vibrant Atlas Mountains filled with the rich scents of spices, there’s just so much to see in this incredible North African country. It is one of the top 10 must-visit countries on Lonely Planet. While over a couple of days you can have an excellent time hitting the key locations, It is strongly suggested to stay in Morocco for a week or two to discover all the hidden gems after the Pandemic ends.

Morocco is a perfect destination year-round. The best weather is spring (March & April) and autumn (September & October). With long shores, expansive oases, and the High Atlas Mountains, and countryside of Morocco offer plenty to attract travelers. Combine with their excellent examples of early Islamic architecture in the colonial cities of Fez, Meknes, and Marrakesh, and you’ll understand why Morocco is a perfect travel destination.

Fes-al-Bali is a medieval town almost untouched, the larger of the two Fes medinas. High walls surround the entire medina with a variety of old town gates. You can have a peek of how people lived thousands years ago. It is unique experience while walking through 9000 narrow streets with endless dead ends –the biggest labyrinth on the planet. You will be intrigued by the oldest university in the world which library contains more than 30,000 books including a 9th century Qur’an.   A rooftop terrace is a perfect way to avoid busy streets with many shops and restaurants.

Colorful souks, Moorish architecture, cozy gardens, and shops are all the things Marrakesh has to offer. A major economic center and home to mosques, palaces, and gardens is the former imperial town in western Morocco. The Moorish minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque from the 12th century is a landmark of the city that is visible for miles. Majorelle Garden ‘s bold Majorelle blue mixed with bright yellow, as well as exotic plants will satisfy your arty tastes.  Of course, Jemma el-Fnna plaza – the city’s beating heart is the favorite spot for the tourists. It is the busiest square in Africa and the home of spice vendors, snake charmers, acrobats and more. Buying a fresh fruit juices, having a Hanna tattoo or bargaining at the souks are fun things to do at the plaza. The foodies may want to treat their taste buds with Tagine or Couscous.

Chefchaouen is a stunning mountain town, Set against the magnificent backdrop of Rif Mountains; the picturesque medina is lined with white-washed homes with a distinctive, powder-blue accent. This most beautiful city of Morocco is the favorite place for Instagramers since every picture taken from here is a visual stunner. Make sure that you bring beautiful dresses to shot stunning pictures. The Rif Mountains are the heaven for adventure hiking lovers.

Meknes is one of Morocco’s four Imperial Cities, and its name and fame are strongly connected to Sultan Moulay Ismail’s. Although Meknes is a city with many historical and natural monuments, Meknes is also the nearest city to the Volubilis ruins. In ancient times, Volubilis was a famous Roman town in present-day Morocco, located along the westernmost frontier of Roman conquests.


The dunes of Erg Chebbi are situated in the Sahara Desert. The unique feature of Erg Chebbi is its stunning, special colored orange sand.  No words can express the feeling when witness  the massive dunes. Camel trekking and watching millions of stars in the sky are an once-in-a-life experience which you won’t find elsewhere.

Todra Gorge sits on the rugged east side of the mountains of the High Atlas. Both the Todra and adjacent Dades Rivers cut through the hills cliff-side canyons. The beautiful Draa Valley, filled with old Kasbahs, Berber villages and palm groves, stretches from Zagora in the east to Ouarzazate in the west, to the south of the High Atlas Mountains.

Fun fact there are lots of stray Cats have long been an inherent part of Moroccan culture and everyday life, living harmoniously with the people of the country. Although majority of the cats are strays, bowls of water and food scraps are often seen left out by the locals to show good faith.

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