Moving Tips for Young Families

Moving with little ones is no easy feat. They will hate saying goodbye to their friends and disrupting their routines. To minimize the stress of moving, you should search for possible stressors and think about how you will address them.

Although you cannot eliminate all the stress of moving with a young family, you can make the move more enjoyable. Here are some moving tips for young families:

Use Time to Your Advantage

If you have months to get ready for your move, you need to take advantage of this time. You should prepare the kids for the move by providing them with as much information as possible. For instance, you can show them pictures of their new bedrooms and school to put them at ease.

However, if you do not have much time to prepare them, you should involve your children in the moving process. If they have any questions about the future, you can do your best to reassure them. Point out all the interesting aspects of moving to the new home. For instance, you can focus on the best thing about your new unit such as apartments in Pleasanton get the best sunlight.

Partner with a Child-friendly Moving Company

On moving day, you will be coordinating with the movers to get everything out and this might make the kids feel overlooked. You should collaborate with a child-friendly company that will take care of the little ones on moving day. When looking for the best moving company, you should check the websites to find out if they have special offers that cater to children.

Some companies even pay for doggy daycare and childcare on moving day. Others invent creative ways to keep the little ones busy such as providing children with kits that they can play with, as you are busy moving things.

Involve Children in the Moving Process

Between finding a new apartment, packing up your stuff, and hiring a moving company, you might end up overlooking your children. To prevent this from happening, you should involve your child in every step of the moving process whenever possible. Performing the smallest task, no matter how inconsequential, can make a child feel more involved.

For instance, you can ask the little ones to help you with a yard sale. To make them feel like an important part of the moving process, you should ask them for help when narrowing down your top three apartment choices from this website:

You also need to let them pack some of their moving boxes.

Moreover, you should customize the labels on the moving boxes by penning the children’s names. They can also adorn their own moving boxes with fun little stickers.

Visit the New Neighborhood

You might not have the chance to visit your new neighborhood with the little ones before moving day. If possible, you should plan to take a walk through the neighborhood with your kids. Show them the shopping center, the local park, and their new school.

Before visiting the new neighborhood, you should look at the local newspapers to find some kid-friendly activities that you can do on your visit. A simple visit to the local park or recreation center can help your kids to fall in love with the new place. Showing your children the new neighborhood is a good idea; the move does not need to be a surprise.


The above tips will make moving day easier on your young family. Instead of shutting the little ones out of the moving process, you should make them active participants. This way, they can look forward to the move.

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