Moving Home with a Young Family

Some of the main reasons for moving home as a young family include outgrowing your present home, schooling needs, family breakdowns or unemployment. Most young families will try to avoid this eventuality if possible because of the stress and instability that it can put on everyone involved, particularly if you have young children who will often find such a big change particularly difficult to get their heads around and adapt to. If however it turns out that a move is an inevitability, here are some top tips to help make it as hassle free and as smooth as possible.

Handling financial matters

If you are having to move because of financial constraints, then you may need to seriously consider your options when it comes to mortgage lenders. Doing your research by looking on comparison websites and reading customer reviews will help you decide which provider might be best for you. Fortunately there are many very reliable companies out there with very good rates and opportunities available that are transparent with all the costs involved.

Promote the idea of a house move as a positive thing

Share stories with your children about house moves that you have made in the past, explaining that it was a really positive and exciting experience, talk about the positive things that happened as a result of the move and share memories with them of the fun you had.

It’s important to reassure them that they will still be able to stay in regular contact with their friends or even still see them depending on how far your move is. You could perhaps explain that not being able to see them as often will make the time that they do spend together in the future even more special and enjoyable.

Introduce them to their new home

If you are able to take your children to visit their new home in advance it will help them feel more secure about the whole process, helping to alleviate the worry of the fear of the unknown. Try and make an enjoyable outing of it, looking in advance at fun things to do and see or nice places to eat in the area so you can get them excited about all the new opportunities that await them.

Get them involved in their new school at the earliest opportunity

If they will be changing schools and you are able to take them to their new school while you visit, then that would definitely help to calm their nerves as changing schools will likely be one of the biggest anxieties that they have around the whole ordeal.

If you are able to do the house move during the summer, then this could be a great opportunity to familiarise your kids with the community and their new school in advance of the next academic year. You could enrol them on to some summer activities so they can start to build confidence and make new friends in a relaxed and fun setting.

Make them feel useful

Getting your children involved in as many aspects of the house move as possible will help them take ownership of the process and feel like they have some control which will make them feel much better about the process. Things like deciding on a system for organising their packing, writing on their boxes and wrapping breakables in bubble wrap are a good idea, and once you are in the new home, they could help with decorating and deciding where things go.

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