Most Popular Dogs of 2020

Each year the American Kennel Club recognizes 192 different breeds of dogs, from toy breeds to giant breeds. The popularity of breeds is determined by the number of pure-bred dogs registered each year. Labradors have held the top honor as the most popular breed for the better part of a quarter-century, but there are some surprise breeds on 2020’s “Top Five Most Popular Dogs” list. Take a look at which breeds of Man’s Best Friend reign supreme this year, as ranked by the AKC.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Since 1991, Labrador Retrievers have held the number one dog breed honor in the United States. Labs are friendly, active, and need to be around their humans. They are a versatile breed known for hunting, showing, tracking, obedience, and their ability to be a service or therapy dog. Labrador Retrievers are nothing short of an all-American breed due to their intelligence, gentle nature, playfulness, and family-oriented demeanor.


2. German Shepherds

It’s no surprise that the hard-working German Shepherd comes in close, at second place. This fiercely loyal breed often works in service, as police and military dogs. These trusted companions are also good with families due to their protective nature. German Shepherds are smart, energetic, strong, and loving.

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3. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the best family dogs and take the third place spot. Able to get along with anyone, especially kids and other pets, they are intelligent, friendly, loving, and wonderful in service roles. They’re not the best guard dogs as they are a tad too friendly, but they are certainly good at hunting and retrieving.


4. French Bulldogs

Who hasn’t swooned at the adorable sight of watching a Frenchie shake its butt? Coming in fourth this year is the big-eared, big personality French Bulldog. This tiny pup requires minimal exercise, making them a popular choice in major U.S. cities like New York, San Francisco, and Miami. Frenchies are bred to be companions, have a short hair coat, are low-maintenance, and full of personality that will keep a smile on all pet owners’ face.


5. Bulldogs

Rounding out the top five, slight pun intended, are Bulldogs. These dignified, courageous pups are similar to Frenchies, but with the addition of at least 30 pounds, and have been a particularly popular breed with U.S. presidents. Despite their sturdy, somewhat ferocious build, Bulldogs are gentle sweeties who crave attention. They love to cuddle, are friendly, and do well with kids and other pets, making them a good family fit.


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2020 is a great year to become a first-time pet parent or add a new family member to your clan.

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