Most Popular Countertop Shapes for Your Kitchen (Plus Other Customization Options)

On average, most homeowners take between ten to fifteen years to renovate their kitchens. Therefore, careful consideration must be taken when undertaking a kitchen remodeling project. The design must be functional and one that can outlive passing trends.

Due to the focus on the aesthetic aspects of kitchens today, some key functional aspects are, at times, overlooked. Kitchen islands are one such element. They play a critical role in the visual appeal of your kitchen and are often the centerpiece of the kitchen.

More importantly, if all factors are considered, kitchen islands can make a kitchen more functional, thus simplifying navigation and food preparation as well as enhancing the dining experience for your family.

When it comes to kitchen functionality, the shape of the kitchen island plays a great role. Though rectangle is the shape that’s used most of the time, there are numerous countertop shapes for the kitchen you can use.

Read on to see various island countertop shapes you can use to achieve an appealing and functional kitchen design.

1. L-Shaped Countertop

L-shaped countertop design is one of the most efficient designs for a modern kitchen. As a kitchen is being designed, the ‘working triangle’ must be factored in. The working triangle includes the three key elements in food preparation. These are the stove, sink, and refrigerator.

Such countertop shapes for kitchen allow you to install cabinets and appliances along adjoined walls that form a right angle. This, in turn, makes it easy to access the features of the working triangle.

Some of the benefits and features of an L-shaped countertop include:

  • Suitable for corner spaces
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized kitchens
  • Great for an open plan design

On the other hand, this design is not ideal for large kitchens or when there are multiple cooks as the appliances will be far from each other.

2. Countertops With a Subtle Bend

Modern kitchens are more family room-like than older ones. Today, kitchens are a common room where the family can catch up or where you can entertain guests even as meals are being prepared.

If you want a countertop shape that can accommodate a family of five to seven with ease, go for a countertop with a subtle bend. If you wish to entertain even more people, countertop shapes for kitchen with a prominent bend work best. The prominent bend will create more seating space.

3. U-Shaped Countertop

Also known as C shaped kitchens, a U-shaped countertop kitchen design is one where the appliances and cabinets are situated along three walls. In this design, there is a large open entrance where the fourth wall would be.

This layout is perfect for large kitchens as it offers plenty of room for your family or guests to join you while you prepare meals.

Some of the benefits and features of a U-shaped countertop include:

  • Offers easy access to the features of the working triangle as you position them in equal distances from each other
  • Multiple cooks can work simultaneously without obstructing each other as you can have separate food preparation zones
  • Offers more counter space for appliances or for preparing meals in comparison to its L-shaped counterpart

This layout is not suitable for a small kitchen, as adding a U-shaped countertop will reduce the floor space significantly. This will result in a cramped and impractical kitchen.

4. Pentagon

If you’re looking for simple and functional yet classy island countertop shapes, the pentagon design is undoubtedly the best of the lot. In essence, this design is a rectangular shaped countertop with triangular additions on the two far ends.

This design allows you two add more seating positions by the island without taking too much additional space.

Countertop Edges

It’s often the minor details that separate great designs from those that are truly impeccable works of art. A marble or quartz countertop is an elegant addition to any kitchen. If you wish to make your countertop stand out, even more, try going for designs with unique edges.

Square edge countertops are the most popular thus ordinary. Unique designs that can make your kitchen look classy include:

  • Ogee edge
  • Bevel edge
  • Bullnose countertops
  • Waterfall edge
  • Eased edge
  • Miter edge

There are many different options when it comes to countertop edges. However, your options will be determined by the countertop material you choose. You can learn more about each countertop edge and how best to use it on this website.

Which is the Best Countertop Shape?

When it comes to island countertop shapes, there is no such thing as the best design for all kitchens. This is because a design or countertop shape that’s perfect for one kitchen may not be suitable for another.

To find a countertop shape that’s perfect for you, you must first assess the shape and size of your kitchen. Along with the role you want your kitchen to play in your home, these will help you determine a suitable countertop shape.

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  1. Granite is a natural stone that is extracted from stone quarries. They are then cut up and formed into slabs for countertops. Because of its natural origins, it has a beautiful organic appearance, with a lot of “movement” within the slabs. It’s iridescent and flecked properties are part of what make it such a beloved countertop. Lovers of more traditional styles gravitate towards granite because it has a timeless and elegant appearance.

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