Most effective ways to deal with severe body pain at home

Body pain can vary in intensity and frequency, but it is often not as benign as we imagine. While it’s normal to suffer from some muscle fatigue or joint pain, especially after exertion, it’s essential to know when that escalates into something more serious. Suffering from severe, persistent pain can be an incredibly debilitating, alienating experience. It can make completing everyday tasks challenging and can severely impact your quality of life.

Various factors contribute to such pain, while there are multiple methods to combat it. As a rule of thumb, most of us want to avoid any invasive surgical treatments. As a result, healing severe body pain at home can seem impossible. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most effective, non-invasive methods to deal with body pain.

Opt for physiotherapy

Although there are numerous ways to handle body pain independently, it’s important to recognize when you need professional help. For example, sometimes home remedies aren’t potent enough to help combat severe, debilitating body pain. In such cases, you can work with a physiotherapist who can get to the root of the issue and give you a long-lasting cure for body pain.

Physiotherapy can help treat various issues, including neck and back pain, ankle pain, post-op recovery, sciatica, pregnancy-related pain, and more. A physiotherapist can help you achieve a better posture and deal with your pain independently. They can ease up stiff and sore muscles and soothe aching joints. Getting physiotherapy is much safer than attempting to self-cure because they know just how much to push the body for the best results. It is an evidence-based approach, and physiotherapists use only the latest methods to treat clients. A physiotherapist can help clients build stamina and achieve greater independence in the long haul.

Heat treatment

One of the most effective ways to deal with severe body pain at home is through heat treatments. Stiff, sore muscles often cause severe body pain. It means that you may not have an active injury or inflammation. In such cases, heat treatments can be incredibly effective at soothing soreness and relieving muscle pain. Therefore, applying heat to the body causes the blood vessels to dilate, which helps fasten the healing process as more blood flows to the affected area.

There are numerous ways you can employ effective heat treatments at home. First, immersing yourself in a warm bath can be super helpful. The warm water can be incredibly therapeutic all over the body and give you a lot of relief. Furthermore, you can add Epsom salts to the bath for an added therapeutic effect. Epsom salts break down into magnesium, which can help loosen stiff muscles and joints and ease symptoms of arthritis or other disorders. Furthermore, you can use a heating blanket or hot water bottle to reduce stiffness and pain.

Massage with oil

Having a full-body massage with oil is another effortless yet effective way to treat body pain at home. However, while massages are generally helpful, getting a massage with specific oils can make the treatment much more effective. Mustard seed oil is one of the best oils for severe body pain. At the same time, regular massage can help reduce your symptoms exponentially. Mustard oil contains a compound called allyl isothiocyanate, which studies show is incredibly effective at reducing inflammation. 

Furthermore, certain essential oils can also help soothe inflamed or sore muscles and keep pain at bay. You can mix these essential oils into a carrier oil or apply them directly to the skin. Essential oils such as lavender oil and peppermint oil are incredibly soothing and help you heal faster.

Pain-relieving drinks

If you’d rather skip the pain medication and opt for a more natural cure, there are several routes you can take. These natural, herbal remedies can often be just as effective as OTC pain medication without any side effects. For example, ginger tea is one of the most effective drinks for reducing pain and inflammation. It has been used for centuries for its various therapeutic effects and can help treat multiple conditions. It can also help with menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, sore muscles, headaches, and other pain types.

Making ginger tea is super simple. All you need to do is add two tablespoons of grated ginger to boiling water or your regular tea. Furthermore, ginger tea isn’t the only pain-relieving drink. Turmeric and honey milk can be incredibly beneficial in easing severe body pain too. Both ingredients have an analgesic effect and can relieve muscle and joint pains.

Ice Treatments

While heat treatments are generally effective for sore muscles, they are not ideal if you have an active wound or inflammation. In such cases, applying additional heat can exacerbate your symptoms and delay healing. However, if you have swelling or a rash, applying a cold compress can be the best way to deal with the issue. In addition, a cold compress can be beneficial when it comes to dealing with joint inflammation from arthritis.

Applying ice can help numb the pain receptors, delaying the signals transmitted to the brain. Furthermore, it can help constrict the blood vessels, which is immensely beneficial in inflamed, painful areas. However, when applying any cold compress, it’s essential to do it in intervals. Using anything for too long can cause numbness and loss of sensation and frostbite in extreme cases. Furthermore, it’s important to never apply a cold compress directly on your skin. Instead, a barrier like a towel can help you reap all the benefits while protecting your skin from overexposure.


Dealing with severe body pain can be a confusing, debilitating experience. Even a toothache or a headache can put a damper on your whole day, and body pain is an entirely different situation. However, there are non-invasive techniques to deal with body pain efficiently and effectively at home. These methods will help you reduce your body pain not just temporarily but in the long term.

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