Most Common Health Issues

Staying healthy has been a challenge for humanity since the beginning. People have had a tough time trying to diagnose all that is wrong with them and most of the time, the late diagnosis has led to drastic circumstances. Even in 2018, an age when humanity has advanced so much in fields of technology, medicine, and history, health has been a huge concern for most parts of the world. Diseases and problems faced by the body due to unforeseen circumstances or simply bad decisions can become a big issue. This year alone, an estimate of 50 million people died due to health conditions not being favorable for survival. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues we are all facing.

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Common Health Issues:

Malnutrition and Lack of Physical Exercise

One thing that most people do not get is healthy nutritional food and in today’s market, the food is not only questionable but often not what it is claimed to be. Therefore, food poisoning and other liver diseases are commonly taking the lives of many. On the other hand, those who are lucky enough to be getting good food are not utilizing the energy they get in a proper manner. Therefore, diseases like cancers and diabetes are commonly affecting so many people around us. Even just walking after a meal could help avoid so many of these problems. Checking in with your physician to recommend a decent and healthy exercise can drastically reduce the chances of developing a fatal and painful disease. Many people have to install stairlifts as they find moving hard

Improper Eating Habits:

Not knowing what you are eating and eating it a whole lot is somehow a huge problem in our society. Whether it be Americans or Asians, Europeans or Australians, all around the world, obesity is a common problem. People becoming overweight and not realizing the type of vulnerabilities that comes with is a huge issue. Common knowledge that eludes people is that strokes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, diabetes and heart diseases along with many forms of cancers are commonly related to people with overeating habits.

Drugs and Substances:

Stereotypical views of the society on the topic of substance abuse may be limited to drugs like heroin and cocaine and alcoholism. But that has to change. Children of all ages, teens, adults and even senior citizens are susceptible to substance abuse. From a young age, getting addicted to certain types of foods and sugars and when in teens, getting used to tobacco and drugs like meth and heroine and as seniors and adults, getting hooked on alcohol and medications are serious issues that we are all failing to address. It doesn’t matter whether the substances are legal or not, abuse literally points towards the overuse and consequences associated with these drugs. Dependency is a disease itself if you factor out all the other painful physical and mental diseases associated with drugs.

Digital Detox:

These days, health is most often compromised by the use of the digital devices that we are constantly becoming addicted to. Screen time is an issue that is being faced by many families that have a serious problem socializing within themselves. Families sitting on a dinner table fail to have a real conversation as everyone is hooked on the gadgets that have connected them to the cyber world and disconnected them from the real one. Staying on screen through the night searching for things like how to read texts from another phone is a common problem that leads to chronic depression, amnesia, and even insomnia.

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