How to Make The Most Awesome Kombucha Tea at Home

The weather will get colder, eventually.

You don’t want to leave your home. It will be freezing out there.

Maybe you don’t want to talk about that now when it’s hot as hell, but it’s coming!

I won’t be wrong if I say that the tea season is officially open.

Yeah, I’m talking about that nice hot tea early in the morning.

Let’s start with Kombucha tea.

You don’t remember?

I already shared Kombucha tea as one of the things you need to consume to stop being sick.

You missed it? Check it out here.

Kombucha tea is extremely healthy for you. The same thing goes for your family, of course.

You will become one big happy Kombucha family.

The name is funny though.

This step-by-step tutorial will help you make the most awesome Kombucha tea ever!

Before I get down to that, here is what Brent Bauer, a medical doctor, says about Kombucha:

It’s extremely important to use Kombucha tea properly.

Adding whatever you like could damage the Ph levels and interfere with the acidity of the tea.

Here are the ingredients required for this Kombucha tea recipe:

  •      ¼ cup a starter Kombucha culture
  •      A glass jar
  •      ¼ cup of organic white sugar (don’t use syrups or other sugars)
  •      Hot water
  •      2-3 tea bags (black or green tea without oils)
  •      Half a cup of Kombucha tea

You got confused with the Kombucha culture didn’t you?

I know I did when I first saw this recipe.

You can find the Kombucha culture under many names. The most common name is SCOBY!

Here are the promised Step by Step instructions:

  •      Step 1: Add sugar and hot water into the glass jar
  •      Step 2: After the sugar is dissolved, add the desired tea. Let it steep for a while. Make sure the top of the glass jar is covered
  •      Step 3: Remove the tea bags and add the starter Kombucha tea
  •      Step 4:  Add the starter Kombucha culture. Let it do its magic. Cover the tea. You don’t want to attract bugs from the air.
  •      Step 5: Let it sit for 7-21 days

Depending on the areas where you will leave the Kombucha tea, you need to wait for a different period of time. If you put it colder areas leave it longer, and leave it for a shorter period of time if placed in a warm area.
  • Step 6: Your drink is ready!

Here is a video for better experience:

Now you are locked and loaded for making the best Kombucha tea.


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Source: Diet of Life

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