Money Making Ideas For 2023

With inflation at a record-high level and a recession about to pound down on the economy like a ton of bricks, working adults are turning to old and new ideas for bringing in some extra cash every month. Whether you already have a good-paying job or not, inflation has a unique way of causing people to forget how to treat yourself by eroding personal buying power. Getting a college degree, acquiring precious metals, leveraging the high-interest cryptocurrency markets, opening a forex trading account, and writing part-time are all ways to boost your financial security and start the new year with a more solid economic foundation. Explore the following suggestions and see which ones have the potential to work best for you.

Get a College Degree to Boost Lifetime Income

Earning more money by getting a college degree is a long-term solution but a reliable one. For more than a century, adults have leveraged the power of education to build careers and bring in more income over the course of their lives. Today, the cost of earning a four-year degree can be high. That’s why savvy adults explore the world of scholarships as a first step in the financing process. It’s easier to pay for schooling when you connect with an online platform where the scholarship search is fully streamlined. Those who work with Going Merry scholarships for college students can find out how many opportunities they qualify for and apply for all of them with a single form. By standardizing the search and apply process, a digitized online service can help users uncover a wide range of scholarships in a short amount of time.

Trade Forex or Options, or Both

There are two kinds of investing that can work in any kind of market environment. Foreign currency pairs and stock options are popular among experienced investors. They realize the major advantage of forex and options, namely that it’s possible to earn a profit in a bear or bull market with equal ease. Take an online course to learn the basics and then open a brokerage account. Trade on a simulator with a demo account for a few weeks before putting your own money at risk.

Stack Precious Metals or Cryptocurrency

Stacking is a jargon term used in the precious metal’s community. It has several meanings but most often refers to the act of buying a fixed dollar amount of gold or silver each month and stashing it away for long-term gains. Gold and silver bugs, as they’re called, might buy $500 of their favorite metal on the first of every month, regardless of the per-ounce price of the asset at the time.

There are no guarantees that precious metals will rise in price, but stackers adhere to the philosophy that, eventually, the two metallic assets will deliver major returns as the global economy becomes weaker and weaker over time. Some investors apply the same concept to cryptocurrency and purchase a set amount on a regular basis. Note that crypto prices are much more volatile than any of the precious metals. Some precious metals and crypto fans trade the assets with the intention of earning short-term profits, which is an alternative to the long-term goal of stacking.