MMA classes vs Self-Defence

If you were thinking about signing yourself up for some self-defence classes, consider joining the MMA gym nearby. Apart from teaching you how to defend yourself, it will help you with your health and fitness. Obviously you can not apply gym rules to a street fight as when you’re suddenly attacked there is no referee to stop the fight. But the skills gained during the MMA class can help you a lot in the real-life situation occasionally, and here is why.

Firstly, attending MMA classes will help you with your confidence. The need to show off and prove that you are tough is the main reason why street fights even happen. How many times were you in a club, and suddenly someone started to fight – usually it starts with something trivial, like spilt beer, but once the other person starts they won’t back off until they have proved their superiority. 

People who show off are trying to mask their insecurity. If you are good at something, and you know, you won’t feel the need to share it with the whole world. A person who just started training, or doesn’t train at all is more likely to start or get involved in a fight than an experienced martial artist.

Secondly, MMA classes will teach you different fighting techniques – you will be able to protect yourself, or your loved ones if someone would be harassing them. MMA is perfect for self-defence as it combines three ranges of fighting – long-range (kicks), short-range (punch, knee, elbow), and ground fighting (chokes, joint locks).

And finally, training MMA will help you to remain calm in a threatening situation when you have to analyze first before acting. Knowing that you have the skills to defend yourself if it came to this is very reassuring. 

If you want to discover how else mixed martial arts might be beneficial for you, check out this infographic below.

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