Mixing CBD and Alcohol: What Really Happens

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant, which produces a relaxing effect on the body.

Unlike THC, CBD does not make a person feel high and has more subtle effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Due to its sedative qualities, it is increasingly used to treat anxiety, chronic pain and sleeping disorders.

CBD is getting popular day by day in the form of food products, tinctures, sprays, and so on. Sooner or later it is expected to clash with one’s alcohol consumption. THC can cause severe hangovers and side effects, termed Cannabis crossfade, when mixed with alcohol. So what does CBD do when mixed with alcohol?

Effects of CBD

Before we look at the combined effects of alcohol and CBD, let us list down the effects of CBD on the body.

  • Several studies have shown that CBD has a relaxation effect on the body.
  • CBD is shown to have reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality in a study conducted among 72 participants over a month-long consumption of 25-75 mg of daily CBD dosage.
  • CBD can stimulate cannabinoid production, which is used by the body for regulating emotions and sleep.
  • CBD can also help interrupt pain signals transmission and aid in better digestive health and cognitive function. Hence, it has been studied for use in pain management, anxiety reduction and improving skin health.

Can You Drink Alcohol On CBD

The effects of CBD are somewhat similar to the effects of alcohol. Alcohol, too, can reduce inhibitions and produce a relaxing effect on the body. So, mixing them both will usually amplify the relaxation effects without the severe cannabis crossfade symptoms. But one may experience a compounded effect as seen by mood changes and behavior.

CBD For Alcohol Hangover

There is no conclusive research about the actual effects of combining CBD and alcohol, but one can surely expect an extra dose of sleepiness and sedation if one were to combine these two. CBD can also boost mood.

However, there is another side to this coin. Combining CBD with alcohol in moderate levels can actually be good for oneself. Here are the 5 benefits of combining CBD and alcohol:

  • CBD helps prevent cell damage and side effects of alcohol
  • While CBD amplifies the relaxation effect of alcohol, it kind of works the opposite when it comes to cell damage. Alcohol is a serious risk factor for cell inflammation, chronic diseases like liver cirrhosis, and certain cancer types. CBD can actually lessen these effects and offer some protection to the body’s cells.
  • A study conducted in 2013 in the Pharmacology of Biochemistry and Behavior shows that CBD reduced the effects of neurodegeneration caused by binge alcohol consumption.
  • Another study in 2014 states that CBD can protect liver cells from alcohol drinking effects by reducing oxidative stress and increasing autophagy.
  • Reduces blood alcohol levels and helps fight alcohol addiction.

CBD For Quitting Alcohol

The more one gets drunk with alcohol, the more one experiences motor control and cognitive loss. As blood alcohol concentration levels increase, one will feel more disoriented. CBD is considered to help keep the BAC levels low, as shown by a small study conducted of a group of 10 people in 1970. While more research is required to validate this observation, CBD with alcohol may be good for oneself.

Several animal studies have shown that CBD is quite helpful in reducing symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. Another research on humans says that CBD has also helped reduce smoking as well.

While studies show CBD to be a good companion to alcohol, users need to be careful before mixing these two.  CBD products are not FDA approved yet and there is no conclusive research on their effects and dosage level correlation with alcohol. So, consult with healthcare professionals and stick to low amounts of CBD and alcohol mixing.



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