The Most Common Mistakes Women Do When Applying Eyeliner

Natural is always the best choice, but we always want to look trendy and beautiful.

We do that for ourselves. Not for the others. It’s simple as that.

When we put the clothes we love, the nails looking beautiful, the hair looks awesome and our makeup on point. Oh man, we feel like we can take over the world. For some, maintaining that natural look is better, while others are more on the eccentric side. Regardless, we are always looking for new ways to help take our look to the next level. If you’re like us and love finding amazing (and still budget-friendly) products, just click here to shop a French cosmetic line that will absolutely change your life!

It brings confidence in everything we do.

Now, when I put eyeliner my eye is either laughing at me or crying because I’m too careful.

Either way, tears are coming down like a river.

At first, I thought that was my eye reacting to the eyeliner. It wasn’t possible so many tears to go down. So I decided to see how I’m applying it.

That’s how I came to this. The most common mistakes women do when they are applying this.

Just for the record, tears are still filling my eyes when I do this. But it’s not like before.

Not using a primer

Several things could affect the eyeliner. Rain, humidity and the wind are its biggest enemies. You have to be sure the eyeliner won’t roll down your face.


Do not forget to use a makeup primer before applying the eyeliner.

The outside effects won’t stand a chance against it!

Lining your entire eye in black


You don’t want to look like you’ve been crying all night with your makeup on. Lining it up in heavy black won’t expose your eyes.

These tips will teach you how to apply the eyeliner the right way and look stunning.

Freehand winged liner

No one has a steady hand. Drawing the winged eyeliner always feels like you will poke your eye with the applier.


Here is a tip. Use a clear tape to guide your hand and get a perfect winged liner.

Curling your eyelashes after you apply eyeliner


It’s simple. Curl your lashes first and apply the eyeliner after a while.

Leaving a gap between your eyeliner and lash line

Let’s put it like this. Did you notice a woman with a nice gap between the eyelash and the eyeliner?

That doesn’t look beautiful, right?


You have to apply the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. This technique is known as tight-lining and will make your eyeliner smooth every time.

The mistake number 2

In mistake number 2 we talked about that deep black eyeliner. That doesn’t look like an everyday eyeliner.


Using the black eyeliner on top and bottom lids looks a little bit too harsh. Try a different approach.

Line your lower eyelid with white or brown eyeliner. This will give more freshness to your eyes.

Avoiding to blend your eyeliner


Little blending and smudging never hurt anybody. Use a makeup sponge to blend your eyeliner for the smokey eye you love.

Using a dried out eyeliner


Yep. They are women that don’t care about their eyeliners. Makeup products dry out. Their structure changes.

If you use this on your eyes, it will be really painful to apply. Keep reading to find out if you can restore them.

Bonus Tip: How to restore your old eyeliner pencil

Set fire to the rain!


No place for Adele here because what you need is a little fire. Warm the tip of the lighter for a few seconds. Test it on your hand and see if you can use it.

There you go, girls. These amazing tricks will help you when you need them the most.

Share these “don’t” tips with your friends. They will love them.

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