Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Beard

Growing a beard is not something easy and beginners always make mistakes when grooming the beards. It takes a lot of dedication, research, and practice for a beard to appear neat and glowing. Dedicate time to your beard every day because if you leave it unattended even for a day, it looks shaggy and curly. Applying a beard straightener may be sufficient but some touches should be made to make it admirable. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when rearing a beard.

Growing the Beard Without Trimming It

Some people think that growing the beard without trimming is the only way to have a full beard within a short time. That is a big mistakes, an untrimmed beard normally has some split ends that are not uniform. By trimming the beard, you get rid of the old beard on top and remain with the neat, young beard that glows. Any beard left untrimmed may start to change color and become bad-looking. The longer the beards are, the many the styles you can choose when shaving.

Shaving up to the Neck Line

Beards were never meant to stay short, they should never be two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Short beards look weird so make sure you shape them in such a way that they form a ”U” shape. The ”U” shape must be at the center, symmetrically to ensure it doesn’t distort your facial symmetry. Trim your beards but ensure they are never too short. Place two fingers above Adam’s apple and trim anything below these two fingers.  ‘

Insufficient Cleaning of the Beards

Beards are not like normal hair that you can just wash and rinse. Beards need daily thorough cleaning and rinsing. The best way is to use running water and ensure you use shampoo before you apply the Sardar Co. Use a beard shampoo not a hair shampoo because the hair shampoo is meant to clean hair not beards. Even when you touch the beards and touch your hair, you will realize that they are different. This means the washing technique and detergents should be different to achieve the required cleanliness.

Applying Beard Oil to Only Your Beard

What people don’t know is that beards depend on the facial oil for them to grow. If you only apply oil to the beard, it means your facial oil will be depleted and you will soon start having dandruff. For this reason, make sure you apply oil on your face and your beards so that you avail sufficient oil to the beard and your face. Getting a beard oil that penetrates deeper into your skin nourishes the follicles to ensure the hair gets enough nutrients to grow strong.

Using the Wrong Brush

What do you use to comb your beard? Combing your beard can make you enhance its health because you enable oil to perfectly penetrate and also eliminate any kinks that could be present. For this reason, make sure you use the appropriate brush that will penetrate the beard well and straighten every hair strand. The bristles of the comb must be rigid but very gentle not to break a lot of hair strands from your beard. You should also be gentle when combing beards and only comb before you apply moisture on them.


Growing beards and maintaining them is not hard as long as you dedicate time and some money to buy cosmetics. The cosmetic inventory required to maintain the beard should be budgeted separately. As you look for cosmetics for your hair, you should have another budget for your beards. Use beard-specific cosmetics to ensure you give the beards good treatment that will lead to a healthy beard.



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