Mezcal for the Sophisticated Drinker

Over the years, people have tried quite a lot of alcoholic beverages. One such drink that has certainly blown away the minds of sophisticated drinkers is mezcal.

But, what exactly is mezcal, and why should you consider drinking it? Well, you may want to read on to get all the answers to your curious questions!

What is Mezcal?

Mezcal is just a type of alcoholic beverage that is distilled and cooked, specially from agave plants. These agave plants’ pinas are used to prepare Mezcal, an excellent drink, especially for sophisticated drinkers.

In the Aztec language, ‘Mezcal‘ loosely stands for oven-cooked agave. So, as you can understand, the agave plant goes through a whole process to get its mind-blowing and distinctive taste.

Why Do You Need to Drink Mezcal?

So, now that you’re aware of the basic understanding of what the mezcal drink is, let’s talk about all the reasons why you need to drink it!

1. Mezcal is a Hand-Crafted Beauty

Let’s not deny that anything handmade is way better than anything made with the help of a machine. Well, this stands entirely accurate for the mezcal drink too!

Mezcal requires quite a lot of time to get its magical taste. And, this is not possible with fast machinery. Instead, real people give all their hard work to prepare a single serving on mezcal. Hence, this drink is all about quality over quantity.

So, consider drinking mezcal and embrace the sophistication present inside you rather than going for cheap alcoholic beverages!

2. Get Some Tingly Feels!

It’s not always love that brings tingly feels. Sometimes it is a mezcal drink too!

Mezcal is known for its distinctive and robust taste. Hence, it is true to believe that a mezcal drink is enough to make your lips feel tingly and on cloud-nine! The intense flavor of spirit found in mezcal is like no other.

Moreover, it contains about 45 to 55% alcohol that’s enough to drown all your sorrows and put you in a total state of bliss. So, get yourself some mezcal and experience heaven on earth!

3. Experience the Terroir

The word ‘terroir’ sounds scarier rather than sophisticated. But, you may want to know the whole meaning of it.

The word ‘terroir’ is a type of french term that describes the different types of environmental factors affecting the taste of the original French wine. Similarly, the terroir also holds equal significance when it comes to mezcal.

As you may already know, mezcal takes a lot of time to prepare with so many processes involved. Due to this reason, there are a plethora of flavors that you can recognize from a single sip of mezcal. From the different varieties of agave used to the various exotic locations of Mexico, a simple drink of mezcal can help you experience all of that!

What more can you ask for?

4. Don’t Overlook Its Health Benefits

Mezcal has plenty of health benefits to offer.  First of all, Mezcal is one of the healthiest alcoholic beverages to exist due to its low sugar content. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you have got a sugar problem.

Moreover, mezcal also helps in digestion purposes, as it contains the agave plant. It also has many other benefits that come along with the agave plant.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, there are plenty of beverages you can choose from, but the distinct and complex taste is pretty much unique to mezcal. So, consider getting yourself one and see how amazing it is!