Methods For Optimizing Your Print Advertising Expenditure

Do you believe that print advertising is a waste of company resources? You might want to reconsider. There is still a market for print ads, even in today’s digitally-centric society. Customers today have 34% more faith in newspaper print ads than online search ads, and direct mail has a 37% greater response rate than emails.

However, what should you do if you aren’t able to allocate a sizable sum to your print advertising campaign? If you want to make your money go further, we have some suggestions.

Keep the Layout Simple

Simplistic designs are typically more cost-effective than their “busier” counterparts in newspaper print. This holds proper both during the design process and at print time. Keep the information on your business cards, direct mail flyers, and brochures to a bare minimum; this applies to all of your marketing materials. Choose a color scheme with only two or three colors to save money on printing.

Print Both Sides

Though it appears obvious at first glance, many people do not think of this as a way to cut down on printing expenses.

This isn’t always appropriate; printing one-sided is often preferable, for instance, when printing documents for prominent customers or when you need things to look as polished as possible.

Although single-sided printing is fine for most uses, you may want to consider printing on both sides for internal or unofficial marketing purposes. It will, at the very least, cut down on the number of pages needed, resulting in cheaper printing.

Use Careful Judgment When Selecting Paper and Ink

When working with a commercial printing provider, you’ll have a wide variety of options for paper and ink. Don’t rush into anything; instead, look into your choices carefully and pick the one that best fits your budget.

Saving money on supplies and transportation costs might be accomplished, for instance, by using lighter-weight paper for direct-mail advertisements. On the other hand, when printing an item like a business card, the extra expense of using more vital paper may be justified.

Reduced Postage Costs with Bulk Mail Rates

Your print advertising money will go much further when you take advantage of the US Postal Service’s (USPS) bulk mail discount on shipping and postage. Nevertheless, some requirements must be met before taking advantage of these savings, such as getting a mailing license and paying a yearly mailing fee to your local post office. If you want to take advantage of a bulk mail discount, you should know that you’ll have to handle the pre-sorting of your mailings by ZIP code yourself.

Make sure your photocopier can be relied upon.

In the economic world, every cent counts. You can maximize your resources by investing in a trustworthy copy machine. In addition to cost, you should prioritize the machine’s dependability and efficiency. Repairing or replacing a faulty printer can significantly increase printing costs. To cut down on the price of advertising, you could invest in booklet-making machinery.

Always be sure to look at print previews before

Seeing an error after printing hundreds of pages is one of the worst feelings. Making sure each document is flawless before printing is one way to reduce printing expenses. In cases where this is not practicable, it is recommended that multiple people each check a single document, as this increases the likelihood that any errors will be caught.

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