Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020 ! What It Means and Why People Care !

Mercury will be retrograde  February 2nd to March 30th , June 18th to July 26th , September 23rd to November 20th 2020

During the week or so prior to a retrograde period, we tend to get ahead of ourselves, and once Mercury does turn retrograde we are afforded the opportunity to fix, repair and redo over these three weeks. Our thinking processes are more likely to be out of sync with our communication, which can cause miscommunication. It is always a good idea to keep receipts safely filed for purchases made during the time we are more likely to change our minds. Keep records of important communication; and it is always a wonderful time when we hunt for things we have misplaced and find things we forgot we had.

When Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn

Things that we may have neglected for rather a long time now demand our attention. Not trivial stuff, rather something we shouldn’t have put on the backburner but did. It may feel like your parents are in your head telling you that you cannot have this or do that (fill in your particular desires) until your take care of these important practical matters (fill in your worry/anxiety about something unfinished you should have done ages ago). It is as if future awaits if you can put the past behind. A need to apply and use common sense is a prevalent theme.

The pressure has been building for several years now to handle material matters with more efficiency both collectively and in our private lives.

When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus

During those three weeks plus, Venus the ruler of Taurus, is also in Taurus. Now it is about what we value and that of course includes money. Taurus has the capacity to plod along, to work tirelessly and steadily toward goals, aspirations and desires.

We may now need to double-check what we actually own and what we owe on. How secure are we? Interest rates may be heading up, the value of gold might finally stabilize—it has been freefalling for several years now. Might be a good time to review any investments, gather information about other options for payments, reduction of debt, etc.

Our personal values really never align perfectly with those of others; during this stretch of time clashing of values might be something we must handle. It is still about using common sense and being practical.

When Mercury is retrograde in Virgo

This might be the trickiest one, as Virgo is the sign Mercury rules. Is it about changing our minds? Did we do something that was not well-planned, -researched or executed? We can only take responsibility for our own actions, but every now and then we may say or do something in order to get another to handle a matter our way…

So beware of giving unsolicited advice—it is seldom welcomed. It is rather easy to see how something ought to be handled, when it isn’t about us—not so easy to take our own advice. Virgo at its worst can be hyper-critical, so during these three weeks plus, choose your words with care. Remember it really isn’t about what we said but what the other heard; so using neutral words is best as is withholding judgment.

Throughout the year, we are dealing with everyday life with a need for common sense and rolling up our sleeves and working through the issues.

There is a big emphasis on decluttering our space and life for the first couple of months of 2020 and this is repeated at the end of the year—so do some now and leave some for Xmas time—yeah, doing more now might be the prudent choice.

For fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) this year and a part of 2021 is about finding pragmatic solutions to eking out an income, what to do in order to accomplish this and how to navigate the path to career type success. It is a good thing that you have the approach that you MUST do this (whatever this is…)

For earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) it is about finding inspiration in order to enjoy life more fully. Yes it needs to be planned and scheduled. The same things don’t inspire each one of us—we are unique. What is it you used to do back when you feel you were enjoying life more than in the now?

For air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) the year is about closing chapters, handling matters and relationships that tug at our heart strings. You may need more downtime this year than usual. Journaling your thoughts might be rather healing this year.

For water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) 2020 is about love relationships.

It could be a busy social year but also a year when people from the past pop back into your life. Meeting that someone special is more likely during years like these, and chances are if that happens it may feel as if you’ve always known him/her.

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