Mehendi Dresses for Brides to Be

As a bride to be you Mehendi pre-wedding ceremony is an important Indian custom to look beautiful and gorgeous in. There are various styles, designs and colors to scout for in the many trending dress pieces for the Mehendi occasion. A bride may be influenced by a particular trend that is in the season of her wedding. However, she has all the right to go against trends and choose a unique design to experiment with for her Mehendi. All that one should keep in mind is the theme of the Mehendi. The colors should be bright like yellow and orange and should be in happy tones. The Mehendi dress should be comfortable giving you enough room to sit for long as you get your Mehendi done. Plus, one that you can twirl to the dance tunes during your Mehendi don’t forget that it should be a dazzling piece as well. In today’s trends for the best dresses for you Mehendi you can explore outside the norm and choose other vibrant hues like blue, purple. And have a Mehendi that people will remember. Below are some unique Mehendi dresses for brides to be.

Patiala Salwar with short Kurti

This is a beautiful pair for your Mehendi ceremony. A flared Patiala Salwar is a bold color of orange, green even yellow paired with a short contrasting Kurti is an elegant look for a bride to be. Not only are they comfortable, unique and edgy, but you can double this look with your partner only that him a kurta will work perfectly with his Patiala salwar. This match is great for your Mehendi photoshoot as well for they make such a fashion statement. Select colors that flow with your theme or those that contrast to stand out from the rest of the crowd as it should be.

The floor-length skirt and fancy Kurti

Why not be the Mehendi beauty at your pre-wedding ceremony? As much as it’s a traditional ceremony choosing an outstanding mix look of modern and ethnic garbs is allowed. The floor-length skirt and a long Kurtis with front cut in perfect ivory shades are chic and trendy for your Mehendi. It is comfortable and makes you look like a complete royal. Have floral details to it or other intricate designs on both the skirt and Kurti. Optionally, you can choose contrasting colors for the skirt and Kurti to have a splendid eye-catching look. The floor-length skirt also has a brilliant finish when paired with an off-shoulder blouse to bring out the diva in you. Bridesmaids can also adorn this look for dazzling pictures after their Mehendi is done.

A Lehenga choli

Of all the popular Mehendi dresses the Lehenga choli cannot be left out. This Mehendi attire is a breathtaking piece for every bride to be. Its versatility has retained it on the bridal Lehenga list of the must-have for every bride. The Lehenga choli always pops in every Mehendi ceremony and makes the beautiful bride classic and stylish. Traditional Mehendi colors are preferable to this choice of garment. Throw on a dupatta in vibrant colors to add another bright shade to your outfit. And this for the Mehendi ceremony is an elegant choice that makes you the beautiful Mehendi bride you should be.  

Indo-western dress

The indo-western dress can be in many forms and they are always the trendiest trends that you can wear to your Mehendi.  For instance, a mid-length skirt and crop top for your Mehendi is a new look that many brides love to dress to. It is easy, comfortable and filled with fun vibes which are perfect tones for the Mehendi ceremony. As a bride to be, this Indo-western look will bring out your fashionista side and creates room for not having any messy Mehendi on it due to its design. There is a bunch of Mehendi dresses to choose from when it gets to indo-western designs that you can choose from. Plus, other indo western accessories that you can choose from. Get an indo-western dress for the Mehendi you want a fresh look from the saree drapes.

Salwar Kameez in bridal tones

A salwar Kameez is a simple outfit but when you dress it up in bridal tones with the right blends of the salwar and kameez it becomes an outstanding outfit for a bride. Have it in bold orange, green or yellow Mehendi color and in beautiful thread word that beautiful designs especially for the kameez. This flow of a salwar kameez dress up makes a bride stunningly beautiful even with the various bridal tones that they might opt for. A two-tone attire also works depending on what color theme you have chosen for your Mehendi or rather what your groom is wearing.

Lehenga skirt and blouse in non-bridal colors

The bridal colors have become too monotonous in Mehendi ceremonies. Although it is not wrong to wear other colors most brides to be still follow through the norm and use the usual colors. Since they are many styles and design dresses you can choose for this ceremony. Whether the attire is opulent or simple you can go wild with your color choice and fabric that you use. Color shades like mustard, black or blue are some unique choices you can go for that match up with your Lehenga. A plain Lehenga with a heavy blouse works wonders to your Mehendi look and is a stunning choice. Choose a Lehenga with a border or not and take a fully detailed and embellished saree blouse to blend it well. Plus, contrasting colors for this look works wonders.

The evergreen Anarkali

Last but not least, an Anarkali is a beautiful choice for any bride to be for almost all pre-wedding ceremonies. Choosing an Anarkali suit in pastel shades is an awesome choice to add the dazzle to your look. A long Anarkali in silver and gold thread work gives your outfit the shine it desires. Pastel shades of pink and lilac are great choices to have and look like the beautiful bride that you are.

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