Meet Six Women Who Fully Enjoying Their She-Sheads

Families are the most important thing in our lives, especially after the children are born. And as much as we love them and care for them, there are moments when we feel like we’re loosing parts of ourselves and we wish we could just escape from it all, if only for a short while.

Men are usually a bit more selfish in this area, often setting aside rooms or areas of the house just for themselves. That is their very own man-cave, where despite having a family, they can still do and act as they wish, and even have some buddies over.

That man-cave trend deserves a counterpart and thus the she-sheds were created. While many considers this trend as one member of the family separating from the rest, sometimes that free space and time alone is exactly what the family needs.

Here are 5 women and their impressive and lovely she-sheds you will absolutely fall in love with.

1. Back To The 50’s

Ann Bate, 46, lives in St Helens, Merseyside, with her husband Ian, 48. She spent £10,000 on her 'she' shed, which is a tribute to her late parents who loved the Fifties

Ann Bate, 46, lives in St Helens, Merseyside, and with her husband Ian own a small launderette. She designed her she-shed more as a tribute to her parents who loved the 50’s than as a place to escape for herself. And it sure has it all; bought a working jukebox, popcorn maker, retro fridge, original Fifties radio, you name it.

2. Sewing Serenity


Manjit Sidhu, 37, a police officer, lives in Solihull with her 16-year-old daughter. She uses her ‘she’ shed when she needs to forget about work. It is the place here she can create all the lovely clothes she desires and also as a place to keep all the sewing equipment and fabrics that would clutter the house.

3. Crafty Getaway


Caroline Counsell, 42 year old sales assistant from Redhill, Surrey, has turned her shed into a crafting paradise where she indulges in her love for arts and crafts and have a break from her husband and two sons.

4. Stained Glass Glory

Tatiana Hardisty,  an English teacher, lives with her retired husband John 65, in Newcastle

Tatiana Hardisty, an English teacher, fitted panes designed to resemble the art nouveau windows of the main thoroughfare in St Petersburg, Russia, where she grew up. Now her shed is a place to relax durring the day and have some tea and gossip with her friends.

5. Seaside Sanctuary

Lindsay Bowring Coombe, 49, an NHS worker, lives  in Bredhurst, Kent, with husband Steve, 53.

Lindsay Bowring Coombe, 49, an NHS worker, who despite living in Bredhurst, Kent has managed to create her very own sanctuary that transports her to the seaside holidays of her childhood every time she steps trough that door.

6. The Sweet Shop

Belinda Brown, 43, lives with husband Andrew, 47, and their two children in Epsom, Surre  where she runs a business from home.

Belinda Brown, 43, from Epsom, Surrey, turned the ramshackle shed at the bottom of their garden into a my duck egg blue ‘girl’s pad’. With all the girly decor inside and always filled with toffees and bonbons, the children have named it the Sweet Shop, and it is truly good enough to eat.

These women managed to find a time and place to be themselves and every women deserves the same.

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