Meet Lammily: The Realistic Barbie Doll

The sense of beauty and fashion starts to form early in life, especially for little girls. Playing with their dolls, they want to grow up to look just like them. We now that they’ll never grow up to look like Barbie, so instead of crushing their dreams, get them the doll they could resemble; Meet Lammily.

Say Hello To Lammily


The Difference In Body Type

barbie lammily

How Wold Barbie Look Like If She Were Average


Lammily Is All About Being Real, With Beauty Marks…




Stretch Marks…








And Even Blushing From Embarrassment


She Has Lovely Tattoos


But Can Also Get Hurt


Probably From All The Sports She Can Do


Those Feet Are For More Than Wearing High-Heels


Staying Fit Is Always Important


Being Fashionable Is Also Nice


When Going Out For Dinner

fashion 1

Or For A Casual Day In Nature


Some Girls Were Asked What They Think Of Lammily. Here Are Some Of The Responses. See the rest Here.




So, Would You Get Lammily As A Present?


We all grew up playing with Barbie or some other perfect little doll. Today, we know that they are just toys, but our daughters don’t know that and for them Barbie is their reference to what they should look like in the future. Have you ever considered how much of an influence these dolls can have over little girls? But, what can we do? Almost all dolls have impossible proportions. Until now.

Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm created Lammily (from combining his last name and the word “family”) as an art project to see just what a doll would look like if she ha the proportions of an average 19-year-old girl. The response he got was amazing. Everyone who found about about Lammily wanted one for their daughter, niece, little cousin or as a simple gift for a little girl. What makes this doll so desirable for parents is that it shows beauty with all its flaws. Yes, this doll comes with stickers for cellulite, acne, stretch marks, beauty marks and bruises. She can even flush. The marketing slogan for Lammily is “Normal is beautiful” and it is something we must teach our girls.

Some may say dolls are dolls, that we should let kids play and have fun. But, as kids we learn trough play  and if girls learn that it’s OK to be average looking, that it’s OK to have scars or acne and a few extra pounds, there will be a lot less depressed and image-obsessed teenagers in the future. And we just might reach a new level of gender equality along the way.

Lammily can be a great holiday or birthday present for a little girl and you can pre-order it on Lamm’s site.

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