MamaRoo 4 Baby Bouncer overview

The MamaRoo 4 is an innovative infant seat from the minds of 4moms, one of the leading companies behind the most innovative infant seats and infant products in the industry. The following overview will explore the unique features, specifications and technical information for the MamaRoo 4 infant seat.

MamaRoo 4

What makes the MamaRoo4 infant seat unique is its ability to mimic the comforting movements of a parent comforting their baby. The MamaRoo4 infant seat is the only seat on the market which is capable of mimicking human movement, which makes it perfect for soothing infants. This unique infant seat has the ability to bounce up and down, move from side to side, and carry out 5 unique motions with 5 different speed options for a truly customizable experience for your infant. The MamaRoo4 infant seat has plenty of additional features that offer both comfort and entertainment for infants.

The MamaRoo4 infant seat is truly the best option for mimicking the soothing comfort of a parent rocking their crying infant; the seat is so effective that it is currently used in more than 300 hospitals due to its ability to calm and comfort newborns and infants.

The MamaRoo4 infant seat retails at $549 AUD for the silver plush seat and $499 AUD for the classic seat.


  • Mesh seat made with breathable 3D air mash fabric offer smooth nest-knit
  • Seat is removable for easy cleaning
  • Multiple color options available
  • Bluetooth enabled so the seat can be controlled with your smart phone or smart device
  • Built-in soothing sounds
  • Plug for mp3 players and phones for playing lullabies and other soothing music
  • Interactive balls and crinkle toys included
  • Adjustable seat recline
  • 5 motion options
  • 5 speed options
  • Optional inserts for newborns


The specifications of the MamaRoo4 infant seat are as follows:

The seat can be used for infants from newborn until they reach 11.3kg. OR until the infant can sit up unassisted and attempts to climb out.

The seat requires an AC adaptor to function; no batteries are required.

All of the fabrics used in the seat are easily removable and can be washed in standard washing machines.

Is the MamaRoo4 For You?

You may be wondering whether or not the MamaRoo4 infant seat is the best option for your newborn or infant. The MamaRoo4 is one of the most innovative and well-reviewed infant seats on the market today.

One of the reasons why traditional bouncing seats and rockers do not often achieve the intended effect of calming down an upset infant is that rocking and bouncing motions are not natural and do not mimic the soothing motions that parents, family or even nurses will use when calming down a newborn or infant. The MamaRoo4, on the other hand, mimics these motions virtually perfectly.

If you are ready for an infant seat that truly works, try out the MamaRoo4 baby bouncer today. Tabc is a the sole distributer of great brands like 4moms and The baby jogger Stroller

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