Make Your Home a Pet Lover’s Paradise With These Design Ideas

Society is starting to reach a point where it is more common to have a pet than to not have a pet. These creatures are fantastic for any household as they can help shower a person with love and support on a daily basis while being a ton of fun to play with as well. Is your house pet-proof though? While they bring so much to the table in terms of joy and wellbeing, they can at times be a destructive force around the house. Here are some design ideas that you can employ to make your home a pet lover’s paradise:

Furniture For Your Pet

If you truly are a pet or cat lover, you should be looking out for their wellbeing as well. The ways you can do this are providing them with proper exercise, giving them proper nutrition, and finally providing a space in your home for them. It is their home as much as it is your home. The problem with getting any type of furniture for your pet, however, is that they can often be ugly, old, and fall apart very easily due to them not being made for your pet. There are many ideas out there to create a space for your pet that they will go to and love. Taking a cat for example, one of the best things that you can get for them is a cat tree. A hand-made tree from will make your home look aesthetically pleasing and will provide extreme comfort, which your cat will definitely thank you for. Cats need to trim their claws and will often scratch on whatever they can find to get this done. Many cat trees come with built-in scratch posts to ensure that none of your expensive furniture is damaged by a mischievous cat. These cat trees also provide a soft bed for your cat to sleep in every night. Finally, they have little built in tunnels that your cat can run away if they ever feel threatened or nervous about the company you are having over. Not only are these products great for the cat, but they can look fantastic in your home as well. Modern cat trees can be customized and designed to fit the style of your room and perfectly blend in with the aesthetic. Moving to other pets, take a look at the type of habitat they live in, and try to recreate it in your home. Get a bird a nice cage filled with sticks and branches. Provide your dog a nice soft bed they can lie in after a long day. Give your pet the space it needs with a nice piece of furniture just for it.

Creating a Feeding Station

Many people just leave their food and water bowls on the ground and then complain when a huge mess is made. While cats and dogs have no issues, eating from the ground, you can create a food station that raises the bowls, allowing them to eat without having to get their head all the way to the ground. Not only that, but these stations can be designed to help catch the majority of the food that your dog drops, therefore making clean up much easier than it normally is. These stations can be made of a nice wood and can be painted to fit the style of the room you are in. You get to eat at a nice table, so why shouldn’t your pet get a nice area they can dine at. Create a beautiful feeding station to keep the room clean and elegant.

A Pet Shower

The thing that many people hate about having pets is the shower that they are going to need. Not only that, but they have to lift up their pet and carry them into the bathtub which can be rather heavy. You can design a small section of your home and designate it as a mini gated shower area for your pets. This way your pets can walk into the space without having to be carried, and you don’t have to share the same bathtub or shower. To do this, look for an area in your house where you can run a faucet, and from there get a gate that will prevent water from getting out. While it might not change your pet’s mind about bath time, it will make it much easier for you to get them in, and it will help to keep your shower or bathtub clean.

Your pets will love you no matter what, but that doesn’t mean that you should take them for granted. Look to see what you can do for them to make their life that much better. Furniture meant specifically for them is a great for them to sleep. A feeding station will keep them eating near you and not off the floor. Finally, a mini pet shower will help to keep your house sanitary while also making it easier for you to get them in and out. Is your home fit for your pet?

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