Make Bath Time Fun With Bath Bombs

One of the most relaxing things you can do after a long day or when you’ve got a free evening is take a nice, hot bath. Sure, you could add fancy oils, artisan bubbles, or handcrafted bath salts, but adding a boosted bath bomb can take your bath time experience to the next level.

For many people, baths are more than just a way to get clean, they can be a truly immersive (pun intended) way to literally wash away the stresses and difficulties of the day. We live here in an era that is so incredibly fast-paced and stressful that everyone needs an opportunity to lay back in a nice hot tub and enjoy an effervescent escape. 

Perks of Using Bath Bombs

Not only can bath bombs benefit your skin and your health, but they’re also fun. They fizz and change the color of your water, and some even have glitter or jewelry in them. If you suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, or want to improve the condition of your skin, there are bombs that can help with those, too.

Good For Your Skin

The main reason most people choose to use bath bombs is that they are amazing for your skin. With exfoliants and emollients, your bath water will be super hydrating and moisturizing, making your skin feel soft and silky when you dry off.

Regardless of your skin type, there is a bath bomb for you. Whether you need something soothing for sensitive skin or a moisturizing bomb for dry skin, your skin will thank you for adding a bath bomb to your bath time routine.

Healthier Choice

Many health and beauty products, including bath supplies, are full of chemicals and toxins, but bath bombs are a much safer choice, as they are generally vegan and all-natural. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, bath bombs are the perfect choice because you get to enjoy the moisturization and aromas that bubble baths and salts offer but without the harsh chemicals.

Bath bombs can also be infused with various things, such as collagen and melatonin. They are great for people that want to relax and unwind after a stressful day. The melatonin bombs are ideal for anyone that deals with insomnia, or just those that have a hard time falling asleep sometimes.

Luxurious Bath Time

Let’s be honest here, baths with bath bombs just feel intensely luxurious. It can give you the feeling of luxury, opulence, and grandiosity, which can do wonders for not just your body but your mind. The supreme relaxation that washes over you helps transport you to another place where stress can’t hurt you anymore. Throw in a few candles, and the right soundtrack and you have the best recipe for escapism that doesn’t involve drinking or smoking a single thing. 

Healing Properties

One of the main components of bath bombs is sodium bicarbonate. It’s one of the things that helps them fizz and effervesce the scents into your bath. But sodium bicarbonate also has benefits of its own that it imparts both as it is dissolving and once it is dissolved in the bath. 

Some of these benefits can make you feel years younger. They can help deep clean your skin, as well as deodorize and repair it. sodium bicarbonate helps to strengthen blood vessels also, so you may see a dramatic improvement in the health and glow of your skin. All this from simply relaxing in a nice fizzing bath. 

Additionally, bath bombs that contain additional healing ingredients like essential oils or herbal extractions can supply even deeper healing properties. These can be used to help target deeper pain that occurs with conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and similar, where the pain is chronic and may be difficult to manage with other methods.


Sure, they’re luxurious, but bath bombs can start to heal your mind and soul. The aromatherapy benefits from some of the bath bombs that contain specially formulated blends of essential oils. There are some bath bombs that also have aromatherapeutic effects without using essential oils, which can be perfect for people who want the benefits of the oils but may have issues with allergic reactions.

There are aroma options for just about anything that you would need. There are options for stress relief, relaxation, energizing scents for morning baths, scents to prepare you for restful sleep and fulfilling dreams. Shop around and try several and you may be surprised at what you like.