Make Any Day Or Occasion Special With 19 Lovely Flower Centerpieces

Who said that centerpieces should be made only for “a special occasion”?

I want to tell you a short story.

I have made 10 centerpieces for my home and placed them all around the house. My friends loved it. The end.

When you enter a home and see that it’s beautifully decorated, you want that for your home, as well.

That’s how I came up with the idea. Why leaving my home as it is when I can decorate it with small things like this every week. I have lots of free time at least once a week. I use it perfectly.

Instead me lying for all day, I decorate my home. It’s like living in a new place every day. And do you want to know the trick?

I do some small changes that make me and my family feel like we are living in a new place every time.

Try it yourself, you will notice the amazing difference. And the biggest appreciation comes when your family will say that they feel like everything change.

And you didn’t even try hard. You just DIYed small centerpieces.

Small tweaks for big changes!

1. All White Centerpiece

All White

Tutorial via

2. Last Minute Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangement


Tutorial via

3. Festive Flowers In Gold Glitter Vase


Tutorial via

4. Winter Flower Arrangement



Tutorial via 

5. Cowboy Hat Centerpiece

Cowboy Hat Centerpiece

Tutorial via

6. Dutch Floral Arrangement

Dutch Floral Arrangement

Tutorial via

7. Hanging Flower Chandelier


Tutorial via

8. Flower Pot Centerpiece

Flower Pot Centerpiece

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9. Winter Floral Centerpiece with pops of Marsala

Winter Floral Centerpiece with pops of Marsala

Tutorial via

10. Cakestand Flower Domes

Cakestand Flower Domes

Tutorial via

11. Paint Stick Basket


Tutorial via

12. Mother’s Day Color Mason Jar Flower Bouquet

Mother's Day Color Mason Jar Flower Bouquets #12monthsofmartha

Tutorial via

13. Spring Brunch Tabletop


Tutorial via

14. Elegant Underwater Centerpiece


Tutorial via

15. A Touch of Spring Floral Arrangement

A Touch of Spring Floral Arrangement

Tutorial via

16. Romantic Mod Florals In A Unique Vase Design


Tutorial via

17. Easy Apothecary Jar and Rose Floral Arrangements

Easy Apothecary Jar and Rose Floral Arrangements

Tutorial via

18. Rope-Wrapped Centerpiece

Rope-Wrapped Centerpiece

Tutorial via

19. Daisy Carnation Daffodil Flower Centerpiece

Daisy Carnation Daffodil Flower Centerpiece

Tutorial via

They look astonishing.

Here is a friendly tip: If you don’t know what decoration to put at a certain place, just go with flowers.

Works every time.

Share these centerpieces with your friends. They would love it!

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