Make a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space Thru These Tips

Early on, during “nesting” we learned to make our room, even the house safe and tidy for our baby. But as they grow older, beginning toddler years, we need to expand this safety net and make more room to build memories in. An outdoor living space augments this by introducing a comfortable, even fun-filled corner right outside your house. It’s the best way to enjoy the sun right in your own backyard, not to mention it’s a great excuse to keep your kids closer to home instead of sending them away somewhere else.

While most are making plans for a lovely porch, preparing for the inevitable venturing out of your brood is far more complicated than an instagram worthy picture. I have listed down a quick guide  to make your outdoor space a safe haven for your kids, friends, and your entire family:

Make sure everyone can enjoy in your dream yard

While we are primarily concerned with safety, you need to consider what function the outside living space will host for your family. This means that you’ll need to plan for future activities, games that can be played within that space, and whether or not it’s toddler of grandparent-friendly spaces. Don’t just electrify barbed fences over a set of sandboxes and metal furniture, think about how you envision your family to enjoy an outdoor living space. This will make it tougher project, but it should make it a more meaningful living space for you and your loved ones.

Mind the fixtures and furniture, childproof your surrounding

You don’t want hard or edged materials lining the perimeter, choose people friendly materials and design. Children will be running about playing all kinds of games, especially in a yard or garden setting and grandparents will appreciate a comfortable setting. Consider long-lasting materials that are not so tough to bruise or even cut your kids and designs that  flow into your living space. Wood is a good material, especially in a weaved design  just like rattan furniture sported at Garden Furniture online. This material is durable yet it absorbs impact and perfectly matches garden settings. Your furniture of choice should be pleasing, comfortable and can aptly host most family activities.

Check out the neighborhood

Are you living in a posh-well secured vicinity or a “shut the doors and windows” kind of place? What kind of incidents normally happen in your surroundings? Are there a lot of rodent thievery, dog squabbles or are you worried about more serious offenses. If you are so inclined, visit the local police station or the friendly neighborhood watch and ask about the most common offenses in the area. You can make informed decisions what designs are workable and you can better prepare for the likelihood of these incidents. Whether you want security cameras or motion alarm sensors installed in your front and backyards is up to you. The important thing is to secure your outdoor living space at least against the most common incidents. 

These tips it emphasizes on security, safety, and comfort. That’s the important part. But, a living space is just a spare square footage without fun and meaningful activities. Don’t forget that while you can design the best possible place for your family, it can never beat the warmth of your presence in the moment.

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