Make 14 Snacks And Meals With Olaf From Disney’s Frozen

Do you want to build a snowman? Don’t worry, you don’t need snow for this delicious snowman. Olaf, the snowman from Disney’s Frozen who loves warm hugs is one of the most lovable characters that Disney has created in a long time. He is silly, fun and so innocent and full of love, that you can’t help but love him back.

If your little ones are also taken in by the Frozen frenzy, then they must love anything from that movie, giving you a chance to make them eat something they normally wrinkle their noses at. By clicking on the link below the image you will see how you can make delicious snacks, some sweet, some salty and all in the image of Olaf.

Let’s build us a healthy, tasty snowman.

Olaf School Lunch Sandwich



Olaf the Snowman Sweet Snacks



Olaf Dreaming of Summer Mille-Feuille Nabe

Frozen Nabe


Olaf Cupcake



Olaf Quesadilla Dinner



Healthy Olaf Preschool Lunch



Olaf Soup And Pancakes



Olaf Doughnuts



Loving Olaf Bento Lunch Box



Olaf Somen



Olaf Cookies



Olaf Rice Ball And Curry Soup



Olaf Treat In A Cup



Olaf Fruity Breakfast



Other Olaf Snacks 

Lychee Gelatin Recipe

If you have an Olaf-shaped bowl, you can surprise your kiddos with an Olaf-inspired sweet gelatin recipe. To make this delicious treat, all you need is unsweetened white gelatin powder, condensed milk, honey, all-purpose cream, and lychee.

Here’s how:

  • Heat and boil the unsweetened white gelatin powder in a pan. 
  • Add the condensed milk, then stir. 
  • Set it aside for several minutes until the gelatin base is settled. 
  • Mix lychee, honey, and all-purpose cream in a bowl.
  • Apply the paste on top of the gelatin. 
  • Refrigerate until its cool and add toppings, like cherries arranged as Olaf’s nose, as desired. 

Other Fun Ways to Enjoy Olaf Snacks

Children love role-playing games, and they adore Disney charms and costumes. So, it’s a great idea to let your kids create their DIY costume and play roles of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and other Frozen characters. After a tiring, fun game, bring out Olaf-inspired snacks and let your children enjoy their Disney experience. 

Check out these other Olaf-inspired snacks: 

  • Carrot Stick Dips: Wrap carrots in cheese, flour, and breadcrumbs to create delicious carrot sticks dipped in mayonnaise. It’s a healthy and fun snack inspired by Olaf’s nose. You can also serve it with a mango fruit smoothie or orange juice as desired. 
  • Olaf Frozen Candies: Mimic Olaf’s orange, carrot nose by making ice candies and serve them in your Olaf snack tray. 
  • Olaf Cookies: Bake goodies inspired by Olaf’s shape and ignite your children’s creativity. It’s best served with hot chocolate, most especially in the very cold winter season. It’s one-way to enjoy frozen without being cold. 

Olaf Cupcakes: If you have a knack in creating Disney icing, like Olaf icing, you can decorate it with cupcakes or homemade chocolate moist cake. You can experiment with different flavors as desired.All these Olaf’s are not only tasty, but also fun and healthy, perfect for your kids. So whichever Olaf you decide to make, your kids will surely melt from happiness and won’t even notice that what they eat is good for them.

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