Use This Magical Washing Method With Baking Soda and Vinegar to Recharge Your Towels

I’ve found myself buying new towels every other month.


Did you notice how towels age?

It doesn’t matter how expensive they are. They just age.

I can tell this because their absorbency is getting lower each time you wash them.

If you are like me, you are probably tired of buying new towels over and over again.

I found something useful. It saves money and nerves.

This came up when many different fabric softeners and detergents didn’t help.

You would want to use this method of vinegar and baking soda right away.

However, you want to know how, right?

I won’t leave you hanging.

This will save your favorite towels.

You will make them look as good as new!

Here is the full guide.

  1. Wash every towel in hot water before using it

This is really important.

Some people have this as a habit.

It’s not important if the towels are new or used.

This means removing any coatings and extra dye left behind.

Make sure you wash the towels separately.

Colored towels might bleed color. You don’t want green towel with blue dots, now do you?
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  1. Adding a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle

Here comes the first player.

Wait until the water level is high enough to dilute the vinegar instantly.

Otherwise, it can remove the color of your towels.

The second wash cycle is for the ½ cup of baking soda.

Note: Don’t use both of them in the same rinse

If your washer comes with a liquid fabric softener dispenser, use that for the vinegar.

  1. DO NOT use fabric softener of any kind

If you use it you won’t get results.

Fabric softeners will put a thin layer over the fabric and that’s it.

That layer is like oil. It makes the fibers hydrophobic.

You know, oil and water don’t mix up.

The vinegar will do the trick to soften them up.

  1. You are DONE!

2 cycles and 2 ingredients.

That’s all you need!

Your towels are now more comfortable and more absorbent.

What else do you need?

You won’t mind saving a few bucks with this trick, right?

I bet your friends would love that too.

So, share this guide with them and let them know!

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