Lucky in Love? How to Get Your Ex Back in 4 Simple Steps

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Do you find yourself aching for your ex?

If nothing compares, then maybe you found the right one at the wrong time. With a little effort, you might bring them back into your life for a second chance that allows you to rekindle the relationship and make better choices this time.

GirlfriendRead on to learn how to get your ex back!

1. Conduct White Magic

Using magic to bring your ex back may feel like manipulation. But, using a harmless Spell with good intentions only helps you reach out to them on a metaphysical level, similarly to calling them on the phone.

We often view magic as forceful because we do not completely understand the world in which we live. White magic simply taps us into the universal collective to we may communicate and manifest on a different plane than we typically work on.

Use a Call Me Spell to draw them to you. This will give you the chance to make things right.

2. Apologize

If you want to know how to get back together with your ex, apologize. When you two split your separate ways, they most likely felt pain on some level.

Maybe you did something wrong like lied or cheat, in which case you see an obvious reason to say sorry. But, even if you did nothing wrong, the choice to separate probably hurt them.

Say you’re sorry for the pain they went through. Apologize for the time lost together. This will validate their feelings and lead you two a healthy conversation about revisiting the romantic relationship.

3. Make Your Intentions Clear

Even if they accept your apology, the ex may feel hesitant to try again. They might feel fear that it will end in the same result again.

Making your intentions for the relationship clear allows them to see a different path. Start by telling them exactly what you want and where you see the relationship going.

Then, ask where they think your relationship went wrong before. Do not assume that you already know, because they may see things differently than you.

After you let them speak using active listening, explain where it went wrong for you. Follow this up with how you plan to fix it, so they see how it can work this time, where it didn’t before.

4. Back Your Words With Actions

You will lose all of your efforts, and the one you love if you do not back it up with action. If you want to know how to get your ex back, take action.

If they asked for more space, take a step back. Let them come to you.

In your relationship before, if they felt neglected, offer them more attention. Make an effort to send cute texts, surprise them with lunch at work, and put away electronics while you spend time together.

Whatever you promised, do. Words might get them in the door, but only your actions can help them want to stay.

Now You Know How to Get Your Ex Back

Dot spend the rest of your life missing the one who got away. Now that you know how to get your ex back, work your magic.

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