Love Scuba Diving? Sail to These Places for Underwater Exploration

Scuba diving has now become a popular recreational water adventure sport in the whole world and it is not hard to determine the reasons for it. There are a lot of underwater worlds that you can explore through scuba diving.

The underwater marine life is ever-changing and ever-moving and it is teeming with unexpected things. You will always find differences in the habitats and marine world in different underwater worlds. Scuba diving gives you the chance to explore what is there beneath the oceans and seas and know about various habitats and marine flora and fauna.

Let us give you the best 5 scuba diving sites in this world where you can have your sailing vacation just to enjoy and discover the underwater marine world.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of over 17000 islands and each of them has something for every scuba diver. Bali is one of the most photographable areas or wreck. There is Raja Ampat in eastern Indonesia where you will find vibrant coral reefs and schools of fish. They are so close and thick that you will not be able to see your hands underwater. You will surely forget about the life above water once you dive into it.

  • Thailand

Similan and Surin Islands are the best places in Thailand to go for scuba diving. This island string situated near the Andaman Sea offers a wide range of underwater marine life that is spectacular to witness. If you haven’t tried out scuba diving before, this is the perfect place to begin. Koh Bon is the place where divers are sent underneath where you will be vibrant corals and if you are lucky, then you can spot the Napoleon wrasse.

  • Caribbean

The Caribbean is the home to different varieties of fishes and the beautiful coral reefs will astonish your eyes – the islands are so close to each other that undoubtedly the best way to view it is on a catamaran charter out of Antigua. To make the most of your scuba diving, you need to charter a live-board boat that is dedicated to taking you to the spot. You can dive at Monkey Back coral reef to discover reef sharks. Also, if you can take your boat to the Great Rock reef, you can get to see parrotfish, clownfish, mantas, and eagle rays.

  • Australia

The SS Yongala is the best place for scuba diving if you sail to Australia. It is one of the greatest wreck dives in the entire world and it lies off the Queensland coast. The famous World Heritage Site, the Great Barrier Reef lies within that area. Yongala is full of marine life starting from octopuses, sea snakes, turtles, tiger and bull sharks, fish clouds, and manta rays. It also has some stunning exceptional variety of living corals that covers the whole wreck.

  • Mexico

The Maya Reef starting from Cozumel to Central America stretches for almost 600 miles. It boasts of plenty of vibrant and colorful fishes and living corals that are breathtakingly beautiful. Cozumel is considered as a paradise for a scuba diver and you will find out why once you go deep inside the reef. It is also known for its unbelievable visibility because you can see almost 100 feet deep. But you have to take a trained diver along with you.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash